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  •  Hunger Week; Volunteer to Bag Beans!



    Want to directly help prevent hunger in your local community? As part of Hunger Week, you  can volunteer to bag beans for our local farm workers! We will be redistributing 300 lbs. of pinto beans into portions of beans for a family of four and then taking them to local farms and handing them out to the workers.


    Wednesday May 22nd from 4:00pm to 6:00pm


    The Forge!


    You can directly help your local community,

    whether it’s for five minutes or an hour, it’s up to you!


    It is also a way to get involved with SCU’s newest club BTGAP, Bridging the Gap to Alleviating Poverty. The club has a lot of opportunities available for its members, so get involved now!

    There will be snacks provided courtesy of BTGAP.


    We hope to see you there! This is an easy way to positively impact our local community, as well as a great opportunity to get involved on campus in SCU’s newest club BTGAP! Make sure to spread the word about Hunger Week by adding #scuhungerweek2013 to your Instagrams/Twitter/Facebook images of the events!

  •  Sustainable Farm Field Trip

    Join the Food and Agribusiness Institute, CLASP, and the Forge Garden for a


    Sustainable Agriculture

    Farm Field Trip!


    Saturday, February 23rd

    8:45am - 4pm


    RSVP @

    We will visit two local farms, Veggielution Community Farm and Full Circle Farm. Both farms are non-profit organizations that focus on sustainable agricultural practices, community engagement, and local food distribution. 


    8:45am - Meet at Mission Church*

     9:30am - Depart SCU to Veggielution*

    10:00am - Veggielution Tour and Farm Activity

    Lunch Break - lunch will be provided! 

    1:00pm - Full Circle Farm Tour and Farm Activity

    3:30 - Depart Full Circle Farm back to SC 

    *We will take a shuttle bus from SCU to both sites. Personal transportation is not an option. 

    * Departure times are exact. Do not be late, we will not wait for you.  

    Please dress warmly, wear appropriate clothing for farm-work, and sun protection. Also, don't forget your reusable water bottle! 


    For more information, please e-mail Rose, at

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