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  •  The 1st Annual Business of Beer

    A spirited atmosphere in the Locatelli Center inspired beer enthusiasts and professionals during the inaugural Business of Beer forum hosted by The Food and Agribusiness Institute. The event’s objective was for Santa Clara alumni and MBA students to learn from experienced beer professionals about the beer industry, particularly about entering and succeeding in the industry.

    The event featured eight panelists, working in various areas of the beer industry, followed by an opportunity for the audience to network and taste some samples with new knowledge. Eight breweries provided a diverse selection of craft beers and cider to taste, and the panelists remained during the tasting for personal conversation.

    As the crowd dispersed into the autumn evening, those in attendance expressed a sense of satisfaction. Harriet Harvey-Horn, who earned her MBA from Santa Clara in 1995, commented, "We thoroughly enjoyed the event...;It was very well done [with] great panelists. The beer [and] food [were] well-organized." After receiving assuring feedback like that, the Institute is planning on making the Business of Beer an annual event.

    Breweries that poured a broad selection include Anchor Brewing Co., Hermitage Brewing Co., No Name Cider Co., and Firestone Walking Brewing Co. The panel's distinguished speakers included Marty Kuchinski, an organic hops farmer and owner of Hops-Meister, LLC; Dan Gordon, co-owner of Gordon Biersch Brewery; Lloyd Knight, the marketing manager for 21st Amendment Brewery; Jenny Merit, the Craft Beer Ambassador for DBI Beverage; Jenny Lewis, co-founder and CEO of Strike Brewing Company; Terence Fox, president of M.E. Fox & Company; Keegan Raines, a beer specialist from Whole Foods Market in Cupertino; and John Gillooly, a brew master from Drake’s Brewing Company.

  •  "The Cost of a Healthy Meal" Research Update

    The Cost of a Healthy Meal research project, started in the summer of 2011, is finally complete.

    The study aims to understand the food purchasing behavior of low-income families. Specifically, the objectives are to: 

    1. Estimate the actual amount that low-income families spend on food and compare it to government budgets for food expenditures, such as the Thrifty Food Plan, or SNAP (Food stamp) allotments.
    2. Analyze the nutritional composition of food purchases of low-income families and compare it to nutritionally adequate dietary plans such as the Thrifty Food Plan.
    We are in the process of writing research articles, and will keep you posted when and where to see them when they publish!
  •  Drought Watch 2014: What's Happening and Why You Should Care

    May 28th, Locatelli Activity Center, 12:00 p.m. Lunch provided 
    In December 2013, California Governor Jerry Brown convened an inter-agency task force to assess, and seek solutions for, the California drought, and appointed Secretary Karen Ross, of the California Department of Agriculture to lead the task force. Secretary Ross will address the scale and scope of the drought, the estimated impact and solutions for our state. 


  •  Ecopia Farms: Growing More with Less

    April 29th, 5:00pm, Lucas Hall, Forbes 126

    Ecopia Farms is a local farm researching ultra-low water use methods for agricultural production. The USDA reports that the average head of lettuce requires more than 75 gallons of water to reach harvest. Ecopia Farms uses less than 12 ounces of water per head. This reduces the use of precious water by over 97% compared to conventional farm practices. Dan Perez will discuss their research and explain how ultra-low water methods could be one of the answers to decreasing water usage in California and worldwide.

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