Santa Clara University

Food & Agribusiness Institute

Randy E. Breschini

Randy Breschini completed his MBA in Food and Agribusiness at Santa Clara University in 1979. He is the CEO of Saxonian Estate Limited (SEL) based in Harare, Zimbabwe.

After attending the University of the Pacific, Randy Breschini graduated from Santa Clara University with his MBA in Agribusiness from Santa Clara University in 1979. Since then, he has worked for several organizations including Basic American Foods, Dole Food Company, ConAgra, Fresh Del Monte Produce, Green Giant Fresh, and Associated British Foods.

In August of 2010, Mr. Breschini was appointed Group CEO of Saxonian Estate Limited (SEL) based in Harare, Zimbabue. SEL is a diversified food and agri-business firm with 18 companies.  The group owns and leases one million acres in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Canada, Scotland, and Austria. At peak SEL employs 22,000 people.  Products and businesses include timber, tea, coffee, coconuts, pineapple, bananas, juice processing, biofuels, macadamia nuts, tobacco, energy generation, vegetables, hardware store chain, game management, and animal ranching.

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