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Work in Progress

"The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Mental Health and Hapiness" (with Casey Boyd-Swan, Chris Herbst, and Homa Zarghamee) (under review).

"Do Gender-Variant Preferences for Competition Persist in the Absence of Performance?" (with Homa Zarghamee) (under review). Previously titled: "Performing in a Competitive Environment and the Willingness to Compete: Is It Necessary and Sufficient for a Gender Gap?"

"Others' Income, Subjective Well-Being, and Health: Evidence from the Gallup Daily Poll" (with Carol Graham and Homa Zarghamee).

"Impact of Relative and Absolute Income on Happiness: A Laboratory Investigation" (with Lina Diaz, Dan Houser, and Homa Zarghamee).

"The Life Satisfaction of Those Approaching Retirement Age and the Great Recession: Evidence from the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System" (with Amanda Taylor).



"Pricing Competition: A New Laboratory Measure of Gender Differences in theWillingness to Compete" (with Homa Zarghamee). Experimental Economics (forthcoming).

"The Increasing Happiness of Parents" (with Chris Herbst). Review of Economics of the Household (forthcoming) (formerly entitled "A Bundle of Joy:Does Parenting Really Make Us Miserable").

"Trends in the Happiness of Single Mothers: Evidence from the General Social Survey." (with Homa Zarghamee). The Journal of Happiness Studies. 15(5):1219-1238 (2014).

"Affect and Overconfidence: A Laboratory Investigation" (with Homa Zarghamee). The Journal of Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics. 7(3):125-150 (2014).

"Happiness and Time Preference: The Effect of Positive Affect in a Random-Assignment Experiment." (with Homa Zarghamee).The American Economic Review 101(7): 3109-3129 (2011).

"The Happiness of Single Mothers after Welfare Reform." The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 11(1) (Topics): 1-27 (2010).

"Identify the Effect of a Welfare-to-Work Program Using Capacity Constraint: a New York City Quasi-Experiment." Eastern Economic Journal 36(3): 299-316 (2010).

"The General Assistance Recipients and Welfare-To-Work Programs on General Assistance Recipients:Evidence from New York City."  Poverty and Public Policy 2(3): 171-193 (2010).

"The Effect of a Welfare-to-Work Program on Homeless Shelter Use in New York City: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment" (presented, WEAI Conference, June 2008).

"Adults' Abilities To Detect Children Who Are Ready To Learn" (with Michelle Perry and J. Wooley) International Journal Of Behavioral Development, 18(2): 365-381 (1995).


Book Chapters

"Inequality of Happiness: Evidence of the Compression of the Subjective-Well-Being Distribution with Economic Growth" (with Homa Zarghamee). Proceedings of IEA Roundtable on Shared Prosperity and Growth, Palgrave: New York, NY (forthcoming).(prior version entitled "Subjective-Well-Being, Inequality and Per Capita Income: Evidence from the World Values."

"Experimental Economics' Ethics" (with Homa Zarhgamee). In Practicing Professional Ethics in Economicsand Public Policy (Elizabeth Searing and Donald Searing, eds.), Springer:New York, NY. (forthcoming).

"Spend or Save? Study or Party? Smoke or Quit? " (with Homa Zarghamee). In Shift & Reset (Brian Reich, ed.), John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: Hoboken, NJ (2011).

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