Santa Clara University

John Heineke

Professor of Economics

heineke-140-2Professor Heineke earned his PhD from the University of Iowa and has taught at Santa Clara since 1976. He teaches courses in statistical theory, optimization, microeconomic theory, microeconomics for business decision making, and optimal pricing.

Dr. Heineke has contributed extensively to the study of modeling criminal behavior, to the literature on exact aggregation of demand systems and has published a successful textbook entitled Microeconomics for Business Decision Making. His scholarly works have appeared in The Review of Economic Studies, The American Economic Review, The Journal of Economic Theory, The Journal of Political Economy, The International Economic Review and The Review of Economics and Statistics among others. Among the agencies he has consulted for are the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and the U.S. Department of Energy. In addition, he has provided consultations on various pricing issues to a number of Silicon Valley companies.

July 2014



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