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Winter Quarter '08 Newsletter


A career in entrepreneurship has never held greater promise.  Technology is driving globalization at an unprecedented rate. The pace of innovation is accelerating. Advancements in IT, biotech, cleantech and other sectors are creating opportunities for visionary entrepreneurs to solve problems on a global scale.

Today more than ever, entrepreneurs enabled by technology hold the potential to change the world for the benefit of humanity.

The mission of the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) is to foster, promote and strengthen entrepreneurial talent locally and globally by leveraging the assets and community of Santa Clara University. The Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship and the Entrepreneurship Challenge form the core of the Center's efforts to transform the University into a leading institute of entrepreneurship education.

This newsletter features contribution's from CIE Advisors Steve Foster, Bryan Neider, Mike Selfridge, and Godfrey Mungal, as well as from Professor of Mechanical Engineering Jorge Gonzalez. We hope that you find the articles below informative and useful. Also, I encourage you to connect with the Center to learn more about ways you can get involved.

Kevin Holmes '01

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In This Issue

Venture Capital and the Credit Crisis

News of the fallout from the credit crunch is hard to miss these days, as revelations pepper daily reports and a significant number of consumers and businesses face harsh financial reckonings. As a result, entrepreneurs who have spent recent months incubating ideas and polishing pitches may be wondering if the funding world they're about to enter could also be impacted.

Learn more about the impact of the credit crunch on venture capital.

Wii and the Entrepreneur

After a sellout 2007 holiday season, Nintendo's Wii gaming system continues to be in major demand - stressful knowledge for determined shoppers and retailers hoping to keep it in stock, but great news for game development entrepreneurs attracted by Wii's creative possibilities and growing user base.

Continue reading to learn more about the innovative opportunities created by the Nintendo Wii.

Startups and Office Space

There are hundreds of Silicon Valley stories about friends who gathered around a clever idea and developed it into a great business.  Many of these entrepreneurs got started by working out of their garages, homes, or dorm rooms, but eventually their ideas and work became too valuable to remain in humble home-office beginnings.

For more information continue reading.

Quantifying Sustainability

Our balance with natural ecosystems is a contemporary challenge, and the fundamental questions of what environmental impact is and how it can be quantified are pivotal as we aspire to a sustainable way of living. Specific metrics are needed to both determine the impacts of our actions on immediate environments and find ways to mitigate these impacts. These lead to what is known as quantifiable sustainability, and if we're informed about how our sustainability is changing, we're in a better position to modify our actions for minimized impact.

Read more about how your organization can quantify its sustainability measures.

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Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Santa Clara University's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) fosters, promotes and strengthens entrepreneurial talent by providing networking, educational and advisory services for our community.

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