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Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship:  A Place to Begin

Halfway through the academic year, our Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship program is providing fifteen students with an innovative and truly interactive educational experience.

Hailing from Italy and Australia, participants are enjoying the challenges and benefits of  a comprehensive, full-time program that immerses them in a rigorous academic curriculum, Silicon Valley networking opportunities, and work with venture-backed startups and early stage companies.

Program manager Nick Kurns credits the powerful combination of distinguished faculty from the Leavey School of Business, local mentors and the program’s very location for a successful launch and positive learning experience for all involved.

“The CTE students are really getting a lot out of the courses we’ve put together in this first run, and the networking experiences are equally important” says Kurns. “It all adds up to an understanding of the Silicon Valley economy, including the basics of how you go about moving from an idea to forming your startup, as well as the relevant social and networking activities that are common here to help you grow your business.”

Management professor and technology business blogger Terri Griffith concurs: “We’re becoming experts on how to make people understand the Silicon Valley way…We provide a gateway to the organizations through our relationships, and we provide a gateway to the nuance both through the academic presentations and the CTE’s very large component of contact with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and connections like the venture capital community.”

As current program participants prepare to enter the three-month entrepreneurship practicum that will complete their experience, queries and applications are beginning to roll in for springtime selection of the 2009-2010 CTE students. For more details, visit the CTE information page or contact Nick Kurns at



The Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship provides students with the knowledge, network and experience necessary for launching successful high-tech ventures in Silicon Valley.

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