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The CIE offers those enrolled in the Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Program the opportunity to apply new entrepreneurial skills in emerging Silicon Valley startups.  A variety of paid and unpaid internships are available throughout the year.

In addition, undergraduate students enrolled in the BUSN 145 Entrepreneurship Practicum course have the opportunity to intern for a quarter at both emerging and established startups.  This 2-unit course is available in Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters.  Undergraduate students pursuing a Minor in Entrepreneurship will also have an opportunity for a startup internship through MGMT 198E  Internship in Entrepreneurship.  For more information, please contact


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 Research (Market Research and Field Research)-Lavash Microtoast (CAPE Participant)

Wednesday, Sep. 21, 2011

Lavash Microtoast                 (CAPE Participant)

Job Description:  This is one unpaid internship position in exchange for BUSN145 credit. This position has two main roles: (1)Restaurant Demographics & Psychographics Researcher  (2)Secret Diner   

(1) 90% of your time will be spent performing a directed reading and data collection of the restaurant industry relevant to this startup. Your research will be carefully guided by me so do not be intimidated by this research. This research will include:
 (a) reading business journals relevant to restaurant operations 
(b) gathering data of taste and eating preferences via surveys from peers/friends/family (taste-testing may apply) 
(c) reading restaurant commentary from blogs/magazines 
(d) researching on venture capitalist and angel investors relevant to food industry 
(e) appropriating items (a)-(d) to make insightful generalizations about the nature of the restaurant industry, thus being able to make criticisms and commentary of this emerging startup (which you are applying for). 
(f) surfing the web and observing trends on restaurant websites
 (g) Writing 200 word reflection papers every week to tell me the status of your progress
(h) using items (a)-(g) to write a 1000 word essay on your criticisms of the startup and your opinions of the state of affairs of the restaurant industry in the year 2011 and your predictions of the restaurant industry in the future. This essay will accompany your intern evaluation and can be used as your "magnum opus" after completing this internship.   

(2) 10% of your time will be spent being a secret diner with me where we will try and secretly dine at a different place each month to learn more about the restaurant: pricing, operations, server etiquette, machinery (if applicable), and other. Though it will be us eating someplace, it will be "fieldwork" where we will need to be attentive and take notes immediately afterwards. Food expenses will be covered by the startup.

Desired Skills:  All majors are welcome. I prefer someone with excellent writing skills and researching capabilities (i.e. proficient in doing library and journal research). I prefer someone who is assertive and is not afraid to perform surveys with large amounts of people. Restaurant operations/accounting experience is preferred but not required.     Along with your resume, I would like you submit to me a writing sample of your previous work so I can get an idea of your writing abilities. If you cannot submit a writing sample along with your resume, you will not be considered. The writing sample can be on any topic.

Part-Time Internship               Unpaid Internship
8hrs or less/wk (virtual work OK but some meetups needed periodically) and 2hrs dedicated to eating out with me per month to be a secret diner and then taking insightful notes afterwards and submitting them to me.             Undergraduate Student

Duration:  Until the end of SCU's quarter.

The startup is in its emerging stages and the restaurant launch is roughly 18 months from now. Apply to this position to get research-based experience on startups (i.e. this startup is more research-intensive rather than hands-on... be aware of that)
Disclosure: Again, this internship is heavily research-based and less hands-on due to the fact that the startup is 18 months away from launch. Despite this, it is a unique opportunity to learn aspects of starting up a business and learning more about the restaurant/food services industry in general.

Contact:  Dean Paul Dominguez

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