Santa Clara University

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

CTE Fulbright Scholars Prepare for Silicon Valley Immersion

CTE Group 420

Fifteen Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship (CTE) Fulbright Scholars from Italy will begin the Silicon Valley Immersion portion at the start of Winter Quarter of their six-month program at Santa Clara University.

Each possessing an advanced technical degree, the scholars have been awarded grants from the U.S.-Italy Fulbright Commission to participate in this program.

The Certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship is a six-month program of the Leavey School of Business that trains aspiring entrepreneurs to develop start-up businesses the Silicon Valley way.  During the Fall quarter, participants are enrolled in management, marketing and finance courses that are each focused on entrepreneurship.  During the winter quarter, students work as interns in start-up companies throughout Silicon Valley placed by CIE Director Kevin Holmes.

Already active in Silicon Valley and Bay Area activities, many members of the group have already gone on to compete in area business plan competitions, speaker engagements and social events.  

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