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Winter Quarter Entrepreneurship Courses & Minor Info Session

Winter Quarter registration is right around the corner. The CIE would like to share the following information on the following new/updated classes offered in Winter Quarter:
MGMT 164: Introduction to Entrepreneurship, 5 units, Mondays & Wednesdays 3:30 pm-5:15 pm
Curious about entrepreneurship or pursuing a minor in entrepreneurship? Interested in exploring what entrepreneurship means including how you can be entrepreneurial in your own life right now? This course looks at the practice of business innovation and entrepreneurship with an emphasis on how entrepreneurs communicate ideas, develop products, build organizations and create lasting businesses. You'll learn the differences between entrepreneurship and other ventures, how entrepreneurial opportunities are evaluated-including conducting your own evaluations of new ventures, key elements and life-cycle of the new venture creation process from inception to implementation and compare methods of financing new ventures.
This course is one of the required courses for the Minor in Entrepreneurship and is also associated with the Design Thinking Pathway and the Vocation Pathway Prerequisites: ACTG 11, MKTG 181.
MGMT 198E: Entrepreneurship Internship, 5 units, Fridays 8am-11:15 am + Internship
This course brings together your academic studies with real-world startup experience through an academic segment and an on-site internship. During the internship, you will help a Silicon Valley entrepreneur develop and build a new venture. This internship must be at least 10 hours per week starting by the first week of class (The Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship will provide students registered for class with available internships). The academic component involves the application of your business studies to a new venture setting, examining and analyzing your internship experiences with your academic learning. Learning objectives include examining a Silicon Valley startup's development, summarize the performance since the founding, identify key challenges for the entrepreneur/new venture, and evaluate methods of addressing key challenges.
This course is one of the required courses for the Minor in Entrepreneurship
Prerequisites: MGMT 164 OR BUSN 144 (must have a declared Minor in Entrepreneurship)
BUSN 197: Business/Engineering Project Collaboration, 2 units, Mondays 3:30pm-4:35 pm
This course gives senior business students the opportunity to work with senior engineering students on projects for the School of Engineering Senior Design Conference. This is an excellent opportunity for cross-functional learning in a team environment across disciplines. Business students will put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired in business courses, gain exposure to technology in practice, and will receive valuable experience in product development, innovation and entrepreneurship. As part of this collaboration, the business school students will perform a business analysis of the project and assist in producing a business pitch/plan. This pitch/plan will involve the following: defining the product and the value proposition, understanding the intellectual property situation, identifying the customer base and market channel, assessing the market potential, developing the business model and a compelling and sustainable business strategy, developing the manufacturing/operations plan, selecting the marketing tactics, and developing the projected financials.
This course is an elective for the Minor in Entrepreneurship
Must be Leavey School of Business Senior to enroll, course is pass/no pass and spans Winter Quarter and into Spring Quarter


Interested in learning more?  Join us for a Lunch & Learn session Monday, November 5, Noon-12:30 pm. We'll have information on the minor, the application/interview process and the courses as well as applications and are happy to answer your questions. The CIE will bring the free pizza, so grab a drink at the Cadence Cafe and join us! Care to help us order the right amount of pizza? RSVP HERE!