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Graduate Network Speaker Event: Growth Scorecard with John Batterton

Event Details:

Friday, April 13, 2012
6-9 pm
Lucas 308-Perlegos Classroom
Light Refreshments Provided

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About The Speaker:

John Batterton:  Growth Stage Consulting was established by John Batterton in order to meet the unique needs of Growth Stage companies. The Growth Stage Scorecard was developed based upon on his management experience in multiple growth companies and a Fortune 500 company, where early versions of the Scorecard approach were developed and used successfully.

Dynamic Balancing of Stakeholders was developed using research by James Fischer, who studied over 700 Growth Stage companies as to why they succeeded or failed. By understanding the relative importance of metrics based on the Stage of Growth, and building an easy to use and understand scorecard system, Growth Stage companies will improve their ability to succeed.

John Batterton is President of Growth Stage Consulting. His prior achievements include CEO and President of Dimatix, Inc., a turnaround Growth Stage technology company that achieved significant success and was sold to a major multinational corporation. His other experience includes CEO of CalComp Technology, a public company, and as a Business Unit Vice President in a Fortune 500 company.

John Batterton's personal mission is to help Growth Stage companies succeed. His experience as a CEO brings proven solutions, not just theories, to help growing companies.


Growth Stage Scorecard
Rapidly growing businesses usually focus solely on Revenue and Profit, and neglect employee issues or needed process development. That can lead to unbalanced short term growth that is not sustainable. Growth stage Scorecard uses an easy to understand approach of balancing key stakeholders -- Owners, Customers and Employees -- as the company grows. By being able to predict the priority that stakeholders require by growth stage, a Growth Stage Scorecard helps the CEO to grow the business in balance, focusing on the key actions needed to successfully execute the Business Strategy to achieve sustainable profitable growth.


This event was made possible by the suggestion of several MBA students who were fortunate to hear John as a guest speaker in Linda Alepin's Management of the High Technology Firm Seminar.  He made such an impact, that many wanted to hear more and share the opportunity with more students-we hope you'll enjoy it.

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