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CIE Fall Field Trip to Google


googleField Trip

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Google-ween provided no tricks but plenty treats On Friday, October 28, at our tour of Google headquarters in Mountain View. The CIE sponsored and coordinated the tour for members of the undergraduate student club Santa Clara Entrepreneurs Organization (SCEO) and members of the Dean's Leadership Program Entrepreneurship group.

SCU Board of Regents member Kyle Ozawa, Senior Account Manager of AdWords and Product Specialist for the new Google Wallet, got a chance to use his tour skills honed as an SCU Ambassador as he gave us a walking tour of several buildings across the campus. Students had the opportunity to meet Google's T-Rex (Stan), see the original production servers and wall of cooling fans, visited the infamous Charlie's Cafe, saw the whiteboard wall and the celebrity photo wall, toured one of the gym facilities, learned about Google honey from their own bee colony, and shopped in the Google store (filled with all things Google from clothing and outerwear to gumball machines and yo yos including youTube tube socks). Kyle even located Santa Clara University on the multi-screen Google Earth display.Stan 210

As we walked from building to building, we also saw first-hand much of the other well-known hallmarks of Google such as their bikes (although not the conference bike), the food within 150 feet of any employee (all complimentary), and pool tables and ping pong tables next to conference tables. We even passed by the haircut truck-step away from your desk to get a haircut!

The group enjoyed a lively Q&A with a panel of Googlers (all in costume), who shared their personal experiences on how they came to work there, discussed their Ambassador program (which was likened to our Study Abroad but imagine doing your job in Australia for a quarter!), and explained how the Google philosophy and culture fosters and embraces entrepreneurial thinking in their workforce. Each of the panelists also offered Kyle Tour 210advice and tips for SCU students including the importance of taking advantage of all that college has to offer and not miss out on programs and opportunities offered by various groups including not only the CIE and Undergraduate Business Programs Office, but also the Career Center, the other club events on campus, speakers, office hours opportunities, mock interviews and resume reviews.


For additional photos of the tour, please visit the CIE Field Trip page.

Have an idea for a field trip? Send your suggestions to Linda Jenkins-the CIE typically hosts a field trip each quarter.

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