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The CIE offers those enrolled in the Graduate Entrepreneurship Program the opportunity to apply new entrepreneurial skills in emerging Silicon Valley startups.  A variety of paid and unpaid internships are available throughout the year.

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 Povio Seeks 5 Interns (Paid Internship Opportunity)

Friday, Feb. 21, 2014
601 Camino Drive
Santa Clara

Povio Seeks Interns: 5 Paid Positions Available
Part-Time, Paid Internship Opportunity
Approximately 10-12 Hours/week, 4 week duration
Undergraduate or Graduate student

To Apply, please email your resume to Luka  Jeromel,

---Job Description/Position Objectives---
  Interested in immersing yourself in the start up world? Need experience and some extra cash in your pocket? Povio, a Santa Clara based start up company developing a mobile communication app, has 5 paid internship positions open for Santa Clara students who are interested in learning start-up company business strategies first hand. This internship opportunity is a 4-week intensive program that will give you the paid opportunity to work closely with this promising start up team.

The founder of Povio, Matevz Petek, is a pro world vice champion snowboarder and a four-time world cup winner from Slovenia. The rest of the Povio team consists of more pro Slovenian snowboarders, along with iOS and Android developers.

The business is walking distance from campus, located right behind Safeway at 601 Camino Drive. Interns will be helping out in a variety of ways by contributing input to help refine the app, working with software developers, marketing the application, planning a promotional party, and more.

If you are interested in applying for the internship position, email your resume to as soon as possible.

---Desired Skills/Knowledge:---

-     Internet and Social media savvy
-       Excellent communication skills
-       Excellent interpersonal skills
-       Ability to work independently
-       Leadership qualities
-       Highly proactive
-       Willingness to jump out of your comfort zone

To Apply, please email your resume to Luka  Jeromel,


More About Povio:

Povio is a mobile communication app that uses photos to communicate and engage, because photos are the easiest to create and consume.

There are hundreds of ways to stay in touch with your friends, but they are slow, intrusive and can’t handle more than a handful of contacts.

Povio is:

  • Demand driven – your friends are asking you to share, so it’s natural to respond and doesn’t feel like bragging
  • Fast – it takes 3 seconds to go from the lock screen to automatically capturing a photo of your point-of-view
  • Engaging – once you’ve shared your photo you can ping back your friends and now it’s their turn to respond by taking a POV photo

Povio is not about vanity. Your photos don’t have to be cool and fancy. You’re just sharing what you’re doing with your friends because they asked for it.

Share the moments of your life that happen in between the fancy photos you would share on other social networks.

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