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The CIE offers those enrolled in the Graduate Entrepreneurship Program the opportunity to apply new entrepreneurial skills in emerging Silicon Valley startups.  A variety of paid and unpaid internships are available throughout the year.

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 Optown: Paid Internship/Employment Opportunity

Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2012

Account Manager for Optown


An OptTown Account Manager is responsible for acquiring, managing, and maintaining relationships with both students and businesses on OptTown.


OptTown is the fun, social network that connects consumers to all of their favorite places to shop, eat, drink and play.

Duties and Responsibilities

Reporting to the VP of Sales, the Account Manager will be responsible for:

  • Helping identify and prioritize target businesses that serve the University community
  • Selling the OptTown service to local merchants
  • Collecting the initial payments
  • Helping businesses set-up initial content
  • Delivering and setting-up business signage
  • Helping plan and implement Launching Event (venue, invites, materials, pictures and stories for consumer blog)
  • University blast with students (facebook blast, flyers around school, signage at businesses)
  • The OptTown University specific facebook page “OptTown at University name” (student reach out, what businesses would you like to see? Encouraging students to tell those businesses to get on OptTown. A success story and student/business feature every week)
  • Attending/Throwing launching meetings with various student groups (sororities, business frat, etc)
  • Monitoring business content (freshness, frequency, look and feel)
  • Surveying student satisfaction. Reporting feedback.
  • Surveying business satisfaction/troubleshooting. Reporting feedback.
  • Being the on-call help for businesses
  • Helping with acquisition of sales account managers for the next Universities. Giving feedback about their position and what was clear/unclear.  Helping/advising/creating “standard” sales processes.

Profile, Skills, and Experience

The ideal candidate will have 1-3+ years’ experience in Sales and/or the aptitude, attitude, drive and connections to grow the OptTown network of businesses and consumers.

  • Extremely well-connected to and familiar with both the student body and their favorite surrounding businesses. School Spirit.
  •  Ability to exercise sound judgment in prospecting and working with businesses
  • Strong communication, presentation and interpersonal skills with an orientation to customer satisfaction
  • Confidence, charisma, determination, and quick-witted
  • Self-supervising, honest, responsible, follow-through
  • Team oriented

Education and Qualifications

The following education and qualifications are highly desirable

  • Current student or recent graduate of Santa Clara University
  • Knows the student body.  (Orientation leader, ASB, student athlete, and/or Greek society member)
  • Extensive Facebook network
  • Sales, marketing or business career aspiration
  • Other:
    Own functioning iPhone to use in the Sales demo process
    Own functioning PC or Mac to use in the Sales process
    Transportation to get to and from multiple businesses
    Flexible hours


Santa Clara, California


Commission and Objective Based Bonuses 

To Apply:  send resume and letter of interest to Amanda Arthur: 


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