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Albert V. Bruno, Ph.D. is the William T. Cleary  Professor at Santa Clara University,  where he has at various times served as founding director of the Center for  Innovation & Entrepreneurship, associate and acting dean, and marketing  department chair. Professor Bruno earned an MBA and Ph.D. at the Krannert  School of Management at Purdue University.  He has an international reputation as a consultant and seminar leader. He has  lectured and consulted for a variety of US and international organizations  including Smith Kline, Applied Materials, Amdahl, Cadence Design, Chevron,  Apple Computer, Peat Marwick, Olivetti, IBM, 3M, and many others. He has  given seminars in many international locations including, ParisRouen, FlorenceRome, MilanAthens, JakartaHong Kong, SingaporeMexico City, Buenos    Aires, SantiagoSao Paulo, Lima,  and Bogota.


In 1982, Professor Bruno was one of 13 recipients in the United    States, of the Leavey Foundation Award for  excellence in private enterprise education. In the same year, he was honored  with the Glenn Klimek Professorship at Santa Clara,  which he held for 16 years. His many articles, research publications, and  book chapters have been published in a diverse set of business journals and  periodicals, His book, The Market Value Process: Bridging Customer and  Shareholder Value, was published by Jossey Bass in 1996 and republished in  German in 1998.


At Santa Clara, Professor  Bruno has taught courses in Marketing Management, Marketing Research, and  Business Policy. He currently teaches New Venture Creation and Financially  Effective Marketing Strategies.  He is  the academic dean for the Global Social Benefit Incubator and the St Gallen  MBA Program @ Santa Clara.


Professor Bruno has served on the board or advisory boards of a number of  private and public companies. He is a limited partner investor in five  venture funds.






Eric D. Carlson, Ph.D., teaches  Social Benefit Entrepreneurship in the Leavey Graduate School of Business.  During the past 30 years, Carlson has  worked in research, product development, and executive management in Silicon  Valley at IBM, Convergent Technologies, Unisys, the ASK Group  and Silicon Graphics. During that time he also served 10 years on the Los  Gatos Town Council, including 2 terms as mayor.  He serves on the Board of Directors of the  Los Gatos Live Oak Senior Nutrition Center, and the San Jose Symphony. He is  on the Management Advisory Boards of, Enroute, Inc.,  InterTrade Corp., Intelic Corp. and Signal Processing Associates. He also  serves on the Technical Advisory Committee for the University  of California at Santa    Cruz, Baskin School of Engineering.. 




Carlson  has a Ph.D. in computer science and a master’s degree in city and regional  planning from the University of North    Carolina at Chapel Hill.  His bachelor’s degree in economics is from Carleton    College, Minnesota.






Mary Furlong, Ph.D., is an Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship at Santa    Clara University  and co-teaches the undergraduate Entrepreneurship Certificate program.  She is an expert in the fields of aging and  technology. She has founded three companies ( in l986, in l996 and MFA in 2202). She has raised over $l00 million in  venture capital and sponsorships aimed at this marketplace. She was one of  the top 50 in Time Digital and has also been featured in Fortune Small  Business and with Jimmy Carter and Lena Horne as a leaders in service to the  older adult community. She is an Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship at  SCU and the Associate Director of the Center for Innovation and  Entrepreneurship.




Mary is the  President of Mary Furlong & Associates. For 20 years, she has guided the  digital marketing strategies of major U.S.  corporations for their 45+ age markets.


Mary served  as an advisor to the President and Congress during the Clinton Administration  as part of the NCLIS. She also served  as a member of the New Zealand Investment advisory board. She currently holds  advisory board seats on the following companies: Confoti and Pulse Data. She  is a member of the Business Forum of the American Society on Aging.




Mary has  appeared on CBS, the Today Show, PBS and NPR to discuss issues related to  trends in aging and technology. Time Magazine recognized her contribution as  chairman of ThirdAge Media by honoring her in 1999 as one of its  "Digital 50." In March 2001, Fortune Small Business  Magazine named Mary as one of the "Top 25 Women Entrepreneurs."  Interactive Age included her among its "Twenty-Five Unsung Heroes on the  Web." She also received the "New Choices Award" from Reader's  Digest along with fellow recipients former President Jimmy Carter and Lena  Horne.










Terri L. Griffith, Ph.D., is  Professor of Management in the Leavey School of Business. Courses she teaches  include Managing Innovation and Technology.   Before coming to Santa Clara  University, Professor Griffith  was on the faculties of Washington UniversitySt. Louis and the University  of Arizona. She has also held  visiting positions at UC Berkeley; Purdue  University; Northwestern  University; the Melbourne School  of Business; and the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration in BangkokThailand. Other  international experience includes a United States Information Agency funded  "train the trainer" program in Bulgaria  where she and other faculty presented U.S.  business education topics and techniques.


Her research and consulting interests include the implementation and  effective use of new technologies and organizational practices, most recently  focusing on virtual teams and “negotiated implementation.” Her recent field  research includes sites within the Sutherland Group, a major imaging company,  and two major high-techs. Her work is published in journals such as:  Organization Science, Information Systems Research, MIS Quarterly,  Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, the Journal of the  American Medical Association, and the Academy  of Management Review. She  recently co-edited the book, Research on Managing Groups and Teams:  Technology (2000, JAI Press).


Professor Griffith received her M.S. and Ph.D. from Carnegie  Mellon University's  Graduate School of Industrial Administration in the field of organizational  psychology and theory. Her bachelor's degree in psychology was granted by the  University of CaliforniaBerkeley.


She is a member of the Academy  of Management, an editorial board  member of the Journal of Engineering and Technology Management and the  Journal of Managerial Issues, a senior editor for Organization Science, as  well as an associate editor for MIS Quarterly. She is also the past Convenor  of the Organization Science Winter Conference, an annual "think  tank" event which draws academics as well as senior executives from  firms such as Xerox PARC, Citigroup, and GE.






Marcel Gani, Lecturer in the Leavey School of Business, is the widely admired former Chief Financial Officer at Juniper Networks, where he also served as the company’s Chief of Staff until his retirement in 2005. Prior to Juniper Networks, he served as Vice President and CFO of NVIDIA Corporation, Grand Junction Networks, Primary Access Corporation, and NeXT Computer, Inc. Mr. Gani also has served as Director of Finance at Cypress Semiconductor. Prior to Cypress, he worked in the finance group at Intel Corporation for twelve years.


Mr. Gani holds an MBA degree from the University of Michigan. He currently teaches ACTG 301 (Financial Accounting) in our MBA program.




Robert  Hendershott, Ph.D., is the Henninger Faculty Fellow in Entrepreneurship  at the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara  University.  He co-teaches the Undergraduate  Entrepreneurship Certificate courses as well as courses such as New Venture  Finance.  At the Graduate level he teaches  Emerging Company Finance.  His academic  work focuses on financial institutions, entrepreneurial funding, and private  equity. Bob's research has been published and presented in journals and  conferences around the world. He received his Ph.D. in Finance from Ohio  State in 1992 after earning his  B.S. in Electrical Engineering at Stanford  University. 





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