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           The story of double Bronco alum Dennis O'Malley ('95 BA,'00 MBA) outlines the perfect dynamic of how the Santa Clara community never fails to network. While pursuing his MBA in 2000, he met his future co-founder and president Srinivas Penumaka ('00 MBA). 

     Together the two co-founded ReadyPulse, an online feedback service that helps companies manage their most effective social marketing assets through customer testimonials.  ReadyPulse has become a leader in testimonial marketing and brings the power of 'sponsored stories' to online retailers and social/display ads. By growing, curating and showcasing a particular brand's most effective testimonials and reviews,brands are able to deliver dynamic and personalized testimonials online to their customers. The highest performing testimonials across social and commerce sites are transitioned into highly effective display ads. With customers like GoPro, O'Neill, Okabashi and Cost Plus, ReadyPulse has been able to redefine social marketing and carry customer testimonials to a whole new level.

        Dennis O'Malley always knew he wanted to start a company.Ever since he graduated from Santa Clara, O' Malley hasn't worked for anyone other than Santa Clara alumni."I have always picked the people, not the company." O'Malley told me earlier this week. Tom Kelley, a Santa Clara alumni, President & CEO of Moxie Software and a current member on the Board of Regents here at Santa Clara, was one of the first people to invest at ReadyPulse." I had previously worked for Moxie," O'Malley tells me, "And after Tom found out about the project I was working on he knew he wanted to invest."So far they have $1 million in seed funding, with two primary offices in Seattle and Sunnyvale and a development team in India.

     Since launching the company in 2010, two additional co-founders, T.Vinod Gupta and Mihir A. Vaidya, have helped improve and accelerate ReadyPulse to new levels.With an incredibly strongsupport team, Dennis O'Malley and his co-founders have really brought entrepreneurship into a new light."At the end of the day, consumers trust consumers. We find the authentic brand ambassadors of a company and market them in such a way that it positively reflects the company. We are findingways to make marketing thru social websites more accessible to the companies and brands."

     For more information, visit ReadyPulse online and watch a video, see how it works, request a demo, or browse through their resources page for guides, infographics, case studies and more. 

 ~Cristiana Ortiz
Marketing, Communications & Logistics Assistant

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