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We're delighted to share the new Leavey School of Business Faculty Research website!  

This new site will highlight our faculty's scholarly contributions, major accomplishments and media mentions, and the various research seminars in the Leaey School of Business.  A great one-stop location for all things research!  

Future enhancements to the site will include highlight summaries of faculty research papers as they get published, an entire section devoted to teaching, as well as any additional accomplishments. 

Leavey School of Business Faculty Research Site




Professor Terri L. Griffith, PhD, and Professor Kumar R. Sarangee, PhD, serve on EMC2 Innovation Conference panel organized by Dan Aguiar, Dean's Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship and Executive Director of Entrepreneurship Programs and SCU alum Scott Barneson.  

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Professor Terri L. Griffith, PhD, is serving as moderator of a half-day panel discussion with leaders from industry, education and government around the boundaries, methods and tools of this new innovation ecosystem--social networks and collaborative platforms.  The event will be held at the Locatelli Center at Santa Clara University on Friday, January 14, Noon-5 pm. 

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