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YouLister & Red Horn Design

The Entrepreneur:

Chris Bull  Chris Bull, class of 2009





Venture 2010: YouLister

YouLister, a unique set of online classifieds combining YouListerthe internet marketplace and social media. This free service allows people to buy and sell anything in your local area, whether it is a single item or from your own online store. Launched in 2010, this ever-expanding list is growing with new products, buyers and sellers, and locations. Since it is such a simple process for individuals and businesses, customers are always informed and can trust the seller with references and reviews from locals. The options are unlimited – you can find anything from cars and furniture to books and other services. YouLister is a friendly way to network and sell freely!

Shop or post your own items today at!

Venture 2005: Red Horn Design

RedHornDesignFounded by Chris Bull to pay his way through college, Red Horn Design is an all inclusive professional design company specializing in a wide variety of services. Its areas of expertise include web design and web development, corporate identity design, search engine optimization, brand marketing, ecommerce solutions, database management, and more. Red Horn Design offers custom web applications, content management tools, and other web solutions in order to further develop company websites. Serving many high profile clients, Red Horn Design has proven its ability to provide utmost quality and customer service to all clients with visible results. Check out the portfolio at!



~Arlene Bhagat
Marketing, Communications & Logistics Assistant

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