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VCIC 2011: Venture Capitalist Investment Competition

Regional Silicon Valley VCIC

VCIC 2011 JudgesOn February 11, 2011, the MBA Entrepreneurs' Connection hosted the 14th annual Silicon Valley Regional Venture Capitalist Investment Competition (VCIC) at Santa Clara University. The VCIC is a unique competition in which teams of students act as venture capitalists and present an analysis of one of two startups pitched to them at the start of the competition. The teams are then judged according to their analysis of whichever company they chose to present. This year, six universities were in attendance, including UC Berkeley, Brigham Young University, Texas University, University of Southern California, University of San Francisco, and Washington University.

The two startup companies presented were: XULU Entertainment, presented by Jim Solomon and Nanci Solomon, and Scent Sciences, presented by CEO Bill Wiles, VP/CFO Ron Murphy, and VP/CTO David Deacon.  Both companies related to enhancing a user's experience; XULU Entertainment enables and provides a new generation of high definition-quality virtual worlds, and Scent Sciences develops and produces products to transform consumer experiences by adding scent to different types of digital media platforms and other consumer products.

The Silicon Valley VCIC brought in 14 high profile VC judges to the Santa Clara campus, which allowed for great exposure and networking for students as well as the VCs. Thanks to the following judges who participated:

  • Peter Morgan, Spartan Group
  • Venktesh Shukla, Chairman of TiE Angels
  • Francis Harvey, Paladin Capital
  • Bill Baumel, RWI Ventures
  • Punit Chiniwalla, Panorama Capital
  • Ryan Gembala, Azure Capital Partners
  • Craig Sirnio, The Halo Fund
  • Neeraj Gupta, Cervin Capital
  • Tom Chiu, Sandhill Angels
  • Stewart Guenther, Private Equity Roundtable
  • Gloria Chen Wahl, Altotech Ventures
  • Andrew Wahl, IG Partners
  • Joshua Goldman, Norwest Venture Partners
  • Prashant Maniar, Cipher Capital

Overall, the VCIC proved to be yet another successful event by the Entrepreneurs' Connection, and was a great learning experience for all participants to better understand the perspective from a VC's point of view rather than an entrepreneur's. Thank you to the Silicon Valley VCIC management team!

  • Abhinav Talwar, President
  • Gregory Love, Vice President
  • Krishnapriya Nissankararao, VP of IT
  • Savita Raina, VP of Finance
  • Utkarsh Ahuja, VP of Operations
  • Haley Gallany, VP of Events
  • Yash Boravelli, VP of Marketing
  • Vinima Aggarwal, VP of Technology
  • Shashank Saggar, VP of Partnerships

             VCIC 2011 group


Regional VCIC - University of Southern California to Team Alpha, the internal VCIC winners from Santa Clara University, who participated in the USC regional competition!

Team Alpha members: Ganesan Velajan, Kamal Koliya, Rosy Bagai, Ravinder Kumar, Kannan Anathanarayanan

SCU Team 420


Team Alpha won the Entrepreneur's Choice award, third place, in the competition-congratulations!  

Special thanks to the following team behind the team:

Coach:  Dean's Executive Professor of Finance Sharath Sury, who accompanied the team to the competition.

Advisors:  CIE Executive Director Dan Aguiar and Assistant Professor of Management Jaume Villanueva

Mentors:  Steve Foster, Rocky Pimentel, Shankar Chandran and Andy Bartley


~Arlene Bhagat
CIE Marketing, Communications & Logistics Assistant


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