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California Program for Entrepreneurship (CAPE)

The California Program for Entrepreneurship is an initiative of the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University.  CAPE provides education and mentoring to emerging entrepreneurs to help them develop and implement business plans that will contribute to the growth and well-being of the California economy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does the program cost?

Through private donations, the Leavey School of Business has secured funding for the costs of the program including classes, workshops, seminars, books/class materials and case study licenses.  CAPE participants are responsible for all travel expenses to and from campus for the on-site sessions. 

Do I have to give up equity in my venture?

No. We do not take any equity share in your venture. Our mission is to help aspiring entrepreneurs by providing the educational tools and mentoring so they are better prepared to launch, grow and run their business. We know that the success of the entrepreneur or small business owner not only helps the community, but also contributes to the local economy, the state economy and beyond.    

Right now, my business is run by just two/three of us, can we both/all attend if accepted?  

Due to space restraints, requests for co-founders/partners will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but we do have some flexibility to accept teams. You're welcome to apply and include the name(s) of the other members of your team who would be interested in participating if selected (see appropriate question on the application form).  Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to share all of the materials as well as your experiences with your entire team!

I'd like to complete the application with as much detail as possible, but am concerned about confidentiality.  How is my application treated from a confidentiality, non-disclosure, intellectual property perspective?  

The information on all applications is considered confidential and is not shared outside of the selection committee strictly for the purpose of evaluation for acceptance into the program.  However, we strongly advise that applicants not provide what they consider to be proprietary or confidential.  Applicants are welcome to refer to any information they cannot provide as "proprietary," "confidential," or "trade secret" and not provide the details. 

What if my venture is headquartered out of state?  

The California Program for Entrepreneurship is for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to launch or grow their California-based business.  

What's the timeline for the application process?

March-May: Applications Accepted & Reviewed by Selection Committee
April-May:  Interviews (may be via telephone, in person, Skype or other video format)
June 17: Final Notification of Acceptances (Some may be earlier)
June 25: Virtual Contact by CAPE Staff & Faculty with assignments/readings

Please visit our Schedule page for an overview of the entire program.

If I'm accepted, what's expected of me?

CAPE participants are expected to be available for, attend, and participate in all onsite sessions as well as completing all readings, assignments, workshops/projects assigned by CAPE staff and faculty.  You'll be expected to actively participate in meetings with your mentors and CIE staff.  CAPE is provided to participants at no out of pocket cost through donations from the community, their generosity can be best served by participants who recognize this as a tremendous opportunity and devote the time and attention it-and your venture-deserves.

I may want to volunteer, how can I get involved?  

The CIE is always interested in offering our community partners in the Silicon Valley ecosystem an opportunity to get involved with CAPE by volunteering through mentorship, sponsorship, speaker presentations or panels, "office hours" with the group, business plan review and feedback.  Other opportunities are also welcome, contact the CIE to begin a dialogue.   


"Inspiring entrepreneurs, creating jobs,
building a strong California"


2015 Application Deadlines:

Now Accepting Applications!

May 31-Final Application Deadline

Apply Now Box 3 Evening

Click here for the list of questions included in the online application.

We encourage applicants to please review the list of questions before they begin the online process, as it is designed to be completed in one session. 


Download a PDF of the 2015 CAPE Overview Flyer

2015 CAPE Flyer

KBAY's Sam VanZant Interviews Dean Drew Starbird about CAPE  for South Bay Sunday

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Click the photo above for audio of the April 6, 2014 Session


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