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California Program for Entrepreneurship 2011 Cohort

Ray Zhu, Hubcase


Winner of “American Idol of Tech Services” - the Vision Award and $10,000 from Technical Services Industry Association, also one of the top 30 “hot” start-ups selected by “Launch: Silicon Valley 2011,” Hubcase automates issue escalation across organizations. It does so by providing a cloud-based “post office” for cases, allowing case and ticketing systems from different organizations to interact with each other. As a SaaS offering, it complements existing CRM, service desk, help desk applications in the enterprises and replaces a manual process.  Hubcase is uniquely positioned to address the pain of high operating cost and low customer satisfaction due to manual B2B escalation. The manual process limits customer satisfaction due to the slowness, inaccuracy and lack of accountability. A support case requiring manual escalation to a vendor costs 20 times that of a case resolved on the first call because service desks and CRMs don't talk to each other, yet, a significant portion of cases require vendor escalation. With three products and four pending patents, Hubcase has attracted the attention of many Fortune 500 companies.

RayFounder Ray Zhu has 15+ years of experience in Information Technology and supply chain. During his career, he managed IT organizations and integrated systems at Palm (now HP) with partners like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, HTC etc. Ray received a PhD in physics from Syracuse University, and has certifications in Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Java technologies. As further industry recognition to Hubcase technology, Ray’s article “Support Chain: From Concept to Solution” is published by HDI SupportWorld magazine (July/August issue 2011) as a major innovation.