Santa Clara University

9th Annual CEP Symposium
March 26, 2013

The Best One Day Event in Equity Compensation


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9th Annual CEP Symposium Presentations

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Welcome and Volunteer Excellence Awards


Breakout Session I

Walking the Tightrope: Minimizing Expense Without Reducing Perceived Value

Equity compensation is a crucial method to attract and retain a talented workforce. But these awards still have an underlying cost to the company, and in this economic environment, minimizing costs is also a priority. How can we stay balanced? Join us as we “walk the tightrope” and find ways to balanced expenses without sacrificing perceived values. We will cover a number of different equity instruments from RSUs to performance awards to stock options to ESPP, with some basic and perhaps some creative ways to lower the cost of granting equity. A real balancing act!

Panelists: Daniel Kapinos, CEP (Radford Valuation Services), Michael Palermo, CEP (E*TRADE), Matt Pera (Electronic Arts), Ramy Taraboulsi (SyncBASE)


The 6 Month Headache: Common Issues with ESPPs and How to Solve Them

ESPPs are amazing employee benefit programs, but if you’ve ever administered one, you know they bring their fair share of migraine-inducing misfortunes and missteps. How do you side-step these struggles and streamline your processes, leaving you pain-free without pills? Our expert panel will take you through topics including: enrollments that go MIA, Form 3922, assisting employees with tax questions (while not actually giving “tax advice”), accounting for ESPPs (including the dreaded modification accounting problem), plan limits, prorating shares, international pain points, terminated employees, and monitoring (and communicating about) the $25K limit. Got an ESPP headache? Take our presentation and you won’t need to call your doctor in the morning.

Panelists:  Paz Dizon, CEP (Tesla Motors), Elizabeth Dodge, CEP (Stock & Option Solutions), Alison Wright (Baker & McKenzie LLP)


Still Crazy After All These Years: Taking the Insanity out of Mobile Employee Administration

Do you sometimes feel like you are losing your mind? Administrators of stock plans are burdened as it is with daily tasks just to keep things moving. Add in trying to comply with mobile employee taxes, and you can start to feel a little crazy. Not only are there the formidable tasks of identifying and tracking the mobile employees, administrators also have to deal with determining the taxes and splitting taxes for transactions that might happen on a daily basis. Is there a way to keep it all together? Should you even attempt to do this yourself? Maybe the expertise of a consultant could be a better value than keeping it all in-house. Our panel will share viewpoints on mobility from the trenches- people who deal with these problems every day. You will get an in-depth view of the many issues that front line administrators face, along with best practices that you can implement.

Panelists: Barb Baska, CEP (NASPP), Paula Woodman (Schwab), Marlene Zobayan, CEP (Rutlen Associates), Jacobin Zorin, CEP (LinkedIn)


Weapons of Mass Communication

For all the time we spend communicating, it is still a surprise that it is so difficult to deliver a clear and concise message to our employees. A picture may be worth 1000 words, but many of us are not artists and we must resort to other forms of information delivery. First we have to know what to communicate, then determine how the message will be perceived by various audiences around the globe, and finally assess our effectiveness. Quite a challenge! So, what weapons of mass communication do we need in our arsenal to communicate? Our panel will discuss many different secret weapons- including the new GPA publication: Participant Education and Communication that are available to help you claim victory and transform your “enemies” into your allies by delivering the information they need, when they need it, in a way they can process and understand.

Panelists: Suzie Bentley (NVIDIA), Steve Gaylord (Stock & Option Solutions), Kimberly Steele, CEP (First Solar)


General Session:

Financial Reporting with the Stars

Time to shine!! What do you know and how well do you know it? It’s been a couple of years since FAS 123R morphed into ASC 718- now is a good time to refresh your expensing and disclosure bona fides. Panel experts will pair up with audience members in a “battle of the financial reporting stars” contest- there are no wrong answers, just the opportunity to get the right answer-that’s what the experts are for! Get ready to run the gauntlet of questions ranging from expensing basics to more advanced topics facing companies, both private and public, today.

Panelists: Jon Burg (Radford), Jannet Calix (Solium), Ruth Doyle (UBS), Takis Makridis (Equity Methods LLC), and YOU, the audience!!


Breakout Session II

Perfect in Paper: Hiring Managers Reveal What They Look for in an Equity Comp Professional

Building a successful career in the equity compensation field requires more than just the right skills. In today’s highly connected world, being “Perfect on Paper” is more than dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s. Our expert panel of hiring managers and CEPs- with experience on multiple sides of the industry-will reveal the secrets for successfully landing your next equity compensation dream job and growing your career beyond the job offer. We share tools and strategies for developing a resume, leveraging your industry network, building your industry reputation, interviewing with style, and developing your professional development plan. Walk away with a clearer understanding of career paths available to you within the equity compensation field which fit your personal career goals, sample resumes, a plan of action for leveraging your network, interview strategies, a professional development plan template, and more!

Panelists: Andrea Best (Stock & Option Solutions), Emily Cervino, CEP (Fidelity Investments), Adam Colόn (E*TRADE) and Carrie Kovac, CEP (Symantec)


To Infinity-And Beyond: Reporting Outside the Box

When it comes to reporting, today’s stock plan software can only take you for far- vendors typically build for the most common cases and broadest audience possible, ignoring some of the more complex or unique requirements that companies may have. So what do you do with your reporting needs that fall outside of your recordkeeping platform’s capabilities? In this session we’ll take a look at reasons why supplementary or alternative reporting solutions might be needed and the pros/cons of four popular methods: Excel, Crystal Reports, custom designed reports/programs, and last but not least, ad hoc reporting functionality in your existing system that you might not have even known about. We’ll wrap up with tips and tricks on getting the most out of your reporting process and ensuring seamless continuity across different programs.

Panelists: Erin Madison (Broadcom), Joe Purdy (Solium), Jim Vincent (E*TRADE)


Fabulous Failures: How Bad Choices Sometimes Lead to Positive Outcomes

Despite our best efforts, some of our well-intentioned plans for a new project- or to correct a problem- fail to work as intended, requiring even greater effort to fix or mitigate the original issue. Join several battle-hardened stock plan administrators as they share some experiences gone wrong, how they dealt with the ensuing fallout- and unintended consequences- and worked to develop new strategies, becoming stronger and more resourceful in the process. The panelists will share projects they initiated that failed until recued with new game plans. Learn what went wrong, how a revised approach saved the day, and what they learned in the process, not only about those particular projects but problem-solving in general. Learn how to stay strong in the face of failure and the dreaded publicity that surrounds it, how to remain calm in crisis situations, how to re-group and develop a new solution, and how to grow stronger and wiser in the process.

Panelists: Stephen Buckhout, CEP (Synopsys), Ingrid Freire, CEP (Genentech), Bill Murphy, CEP (Ernst & Young), Jean Wong, CEP (Gilead)


Breakout Session III

Straight Talk: Capturing, Calculating, and Creating Compelling Stats

Other than the required reporting to participants and in your 10-K and 10-Q, the numbers around your stock compensation plans tell a fascinating story. Join this experienced panel as they usher you through samples, reports and graphs that can be used as a template for comprehensive management reporting. Start out with a snapshot of all your plans, and roll right into wealth creation, in total and by award type. Take it a step further and show wealth creation vs. financial expense recognized, and look ahead at potential value delivery at different future stock prices. Because executives are important in the equity landscape, specialized reporting for executive transactions will be appreciated by management, but don’t forget about the ESPP and value/participation for the broad base. But plan numbers don’t tell the full story- wrap it all up with service level and satisfaction reporting and you’ll have a full volume of information to display the stock compensation story to all stakeholders in your company.

Panelists: Josh Brose (Fidelity Investments), Wendy Jennings, CEP (Riverbed Technology), Tom Paleka (AJ Gallagher)


Indecent Exposure: Managing Equity Awards' Risk on a Global Basis

Offering equity awards on a global basis exposes a company to so many risks, it’s almost indecent! The panelists will discuss tax and legal risks that companies should consider and how best to manage those risks. The panelists will address the tax and legal considerations in making grants to key employees; preparing grant policies; documents and practices; granting new forms of equity; ensuring securities law compliance; establishing methods of tax withholding and reporting; managing mobility issues; and administering awards through them.

The panelists will discuss how the US and non-US risk considerations are similar and how they differ. Tricky exposure issues in China, France, Spain and the United Kingdom will be covered. Finally, the panelists will provide a road map for participants to avoid risks through proper organization and compliance practices and where risks cannot be avoided, the panelist will explain what legal and practical steps should be taken to correct a problem or manage an accrual.

Panelists: Valerie Diamond (Baker & McKenzie LLP), AmyLynn Flood (PwC)


Pablo Picasso Meets Mario Andretti: Designs to Drive Performance & Meet Your Compensation Goals

Speed your way into creativity! This panel presentation will focus on different types of performance based equity compensation, including different instruments that require performance as compared to published index or a list of companies (Market stock units). As a foundation for the discussion, the panelists will describe tax, legal, and accounting considerations to think about as a new compensation program is contemplated and will then apply those considerations to several types of performance based compensation, including market stock units.

Panelists: Ralph Berry (Compensia), David Thomas (Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati)


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