Santa Clara University

3rd Annual CEP Symposium
September 13, 2006

Keeping Pace in the Fast Lane of Equity Compensation

All of the presentations are in pdf format.  You can download the presentations by clicking on the title.

Welcome and Introduction to GPS (PDF Version): Guidance, Procedures and Systems

Keynote: Bob Finocchio's presentation is not available for download

Breakout Session I

Preparing for FAS 123R is one thing, and getting your auditors to sign-off is something totally different. Join Danica Joseph, CPA, Adobe Systems, Tracy Laboy, CEP, KLA-Tencor, and Laura Verri, CEP, @Road to learn about their audit experience so you can plan for smooth sailing on upcoming audits. These companies had some surprises - some pleasant, and some not so pleasant; together, their very different  experiences will keep you on the edge of your seat.
  • Let's Go Crazy! Outside the Box Ideas for the Next Generation of ESPPs
When was the last time you overhauled your ESPP? Most ESPPs (whether compensatory or not) follow rigid plan constructs that are not necessarily required under Section 423 or 123R. In this session,  Barbara Baksa, CEP, NASPP, and Corey Rosen, NCEO, will question traditional ESPP plan structures and  highlight new opportunities in plan design, such as eliminating fixed purchase dates, suggestions for viable (and high participation) non-compensatory plans, and replacing your broad-based option plan with your ESPP.

Outsourcing some or all of your equity compensation administration sounds like a dream, but without a well planned RFP, it can turn into a nightmare. Pam Van Gordon, CEP, Stock and Option Solutions,  Jill Zidaritz, CEP, and Rita DePedro, Motorola, will provide you with invaluable tips and tricks to make sure your RFP is successful. Whether you are currently involved in an RFP or will need third party equity compensation services in the future, this is a "Must See" session.

Breakout Session II
Our world is getting smaller and equity compensation plans have spread across the globe. Marlene Zobayan, CEP, Deloitte & Touche, will provide an in-depth look at these hot spots for equity compensation. If you are currently offering equity compensation in these locations, or plan to, you don't want to miss this session.

With the increasing demands of FAS 123R and SOX, the demands on vendors have expanded exponentially. Join these vendor-issuer partners: Ron Snitker, CEP, UBS Financial Services and client Jule Torre, Applied Materials; Wendy Jennings, CEP, Charles Schwab and client Shannon Tutko, Amazon; and Scott Philpott, Fidelity, and client Kevin Osterman, CEP, Washington Mutual. From the excruciating process of financial reporting under FAS 123R, to the mundane settlement of trades, to the anxiety of executive officer  transactions, these experts will provide you with practical wisdom on making it all work.
It is hard enough for employees to tolerate Uncle Sam's bite of their option gains, but it is even worse when multiple states want a piece of the pie. In this session, Carol Rutlen, Rutlen Associates, and Bob Peterson address how companies are managing state tax withholding for employees who reside in multiple states during the life of the option. Are you following industry practice in the way you handle your domestic mobile employees?  With enforcement on the rise in this area, you don't want to miss this session.

General Session: The Top 10! Things you can do under FAS123R (that you couldn't do before.)

There is a silver lining to FAS 123R--many practices that were taboo under APB 25 are now not only permissible but even encouraged! In this session, Barbara Baksa, CEP, NASPP, will take a strategic look at the top ten opportunities now available under 123R, including performance plans, grant modifications, and alternatives to traditional stock options and exercises. As a bonus, the session will highlight an additional top 3 things you can do under 123R that might be problematic under Section 409A.

Breakout Session III

Disaster takes all shapes and sizes - from option backdating to avian flu to employee fraud. Equity compensation professionals need to be equipped to effectively manage disaster. Carine Schneider, Smith Barney Global Stock Plan Services, reviews the range of disasters that can be ruinous, as well as key concepts for avoiding disaster    and for managing it

  •  Tell Me More! What's in the Proxy and Executive Comp Disclosures?
With new SEC disclosure requirements, the upcoming proxy season is sure to be a challenge. Join Alison Wright, CEP, Trucker Huss, and Julia Vax, Howard Rice, as they help you navigate the new disclosure practices. With the increased detail now required, it is essential that you understand the new requirements, and you won't want to miss the practical guidance and tips provided by these experts.

Bruce A. Radke and Timothy J. Carroll of  Vedder Price in Chicago bring records management and "eDiscovery" practices  to a whole new level. These experts will elaborate on the liabilities of lax or non-existent records retention and destruction policies, using many real world examples that will really get you thinking. Unraveling the current option backdating scandals highlight the importance of this critical area.

CEPs who attended the Symposium and participated in one selection from each breakout session have earned six hours of continuing education.

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