Santa Clara University

1st Annual CEP Symposium
September 13 - 14, 2004

Surviving and Thriving Today’s Changing Equity Compensation World

All of the presentations are in pdf format.  You can download the presentations by clicking on the title.

  • Keynote Address:  Mark Borges, Principal, Mercer Human Resources Consulting  

Mark is a leading expert in equity compensation and drew from his experience at Mercer Human Resources Consulting and the SEC in discussing public policy, legislation, and how it dictates the future of equity compensation. Mark was also a pioneer of the Institute, and discussed the history of the Institute and how it all began!

Obtaining your CEP designation is just the beginning! This rapidly changing industry is constantly facing new and developing challenges. CEPs Rose Hoffman, Joan Matlack and Rob Mills  lead a discussion on the many challenges facing today's CEP designees, including how to proceed with Sarbanes-Oxley 404, what to think about for option expensing, what outsourcing offers (and what it doesn't), and what the future holds for plan design.
Jill Hemphill, PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLC and Ellie Kehmeier, Deloitte,  discuss hot topics of accounting and tax issues. In addition to option expensing, potential changes to the deferred compensation rules, the IRS executive compensation audit initiative, and other tax issues related to the changing equity compensation market were discussed.
 How does the CEP Institute decide on curriculum? What topics are important and what books cover the topics best? How does it all get done? CEP designees Wendy Jennings, Joan Matlack and Christine Zwerling provide a behind the scenes look at the CEP Institute and its curriculum.

Alison Wright, CEP, Trucker Huss APC, offers an update on pending legislation and recent court decisions affecting the administration and design of equity compensation programs. The session includes an update on the pending deferred compensation legislation, the status of the stock option expensing legislation, as well as the fiduciary liability issues relating to equity compensation addressed in the courts this year..

Have you noticed that equity plans are changing quickly? Corey Rosen, NCEO and Fred Whittlesey, CEP, AON Consulting, discuss what their experience and research suggests. They explor the best approaches for who should get equity and what forms of equity make the most sense for what groups of employees.

Session leaders Ed Burmeister, Baker & McKenzie, and Carine Schneider, PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLC, navigate the challenges companies face when offering equity plans outside the US. Topics include tax and accounting impacts, labor and privacy issues, administrative requirements as well as considerations when redesigning your plan to accommodate the new expensing proposals.

Patricia Young, CPS Human Resources Services, help candidates and designates understand the importance of certification and the complex process involved to achieve it.

CEPs who attended the Symposium and participated in one selection from each breakout session have earned six hours of continuing education.

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