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Volunteer Spotlight

The CEPI could not exist without the significant support of our volunteer network.  Committed CEPs spend countless hours working on all aspects of exam development.  Take a peek behind the scenes of one of these CEP volunteer stars.

Sue Berry, CEP


What happens when you take a CEP designation, more than 25 years industry experience with both public and private companies, four IPOs, an ARM certification, and toss in a penchant for volunteering?  You get Sue Berry, CEP, our volunteer of the month!

Sue is the Director of Equity Compensation and Risk Management for Magma Design Automation, Inc.   She has spent her equity compensation career right here in Silicon Valley, and has watched the emergence of this business into the respected profession that it is today.  She also has watched the CEPI grow from small groups that got together to share ideas and help each other into an internationally recognized resource for equity compensation professionals.  Sue believes that the sense of community that started the CEPI is what keeps it not only an educational organization but a fun and rewarding one as well. 

 After more than twenty five years, Sue is considered an expert, but she is the first to admit that keeping up with constantly changing regulations and practices is a challenge.  Her answer to this challenge – volunteer for the CEPI!

We never stop learning!   It’s particularly revealing to find out what we don’t know even when we’ve worked in this business for years.   Volunteering not only highlights areas in which we might want more knowledge, but it also reinforces the importance of sharing ideas and solutions with our peers.  Volunteering with the CEPI is a great way to keep informed in all the disciplines included in our profession.

Sue earned her CEP designation in 1995 and has been actively volunteering for the CEPI ever since.   She has participated in virtually all of the different volunteer activities that are available, including item writing, item review, standard setting and exam assembly.   For the past four years, Sue has been part of the Curriculum Committee as a member of the tax panel, helping the CEPI ensure that the exams cover the relevant topics in this critical area.  She feels that all of her volunteer work has enabled her to bring the latest knowledge and ideas to her job.  Sue’s generous sharing of her time, talent, knowledge and enthusiasm are the reasons she has won a Volunteer Excellence award from the CEPI for the past two years. 

Finally, Sue would like to share this advice to any CEP who might be contemplating volunteering for the CEPI:

Don’t be afraid!   Everyone has something to offer.  Learning and sharing are rewarding and help to encourage others to enter the program.
So if you are a CEP, don’t be afraid to volunteer for the CEPI.  And if you are not a CEP, don’t be afraid to enter the program. 

Thank you, Sue, for all that you do for the CEPI.



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