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CEPI News and Events - August 2015

The CEPI wants to make sure you knew about all the exciting things happening at the CEP Institute and within the equity compensation industry.  For more information, please explore the CEPI website.

Up and Coming Attractions - Will You Be There?

Join the CEPI's autumn visit to Scottsdale, AZ at GEO's National Equity Compensation Forum in Scottsdale, AZ on September 14-16.

Next, find the CEPI at The Society's 2015 Essentials Express Seminar and Western Regional Conference in Seattle, WA on October 7-9. You may find some furry friends to take home at our booth.

Also, don't miss us at NASPP Conference & Exhibition in San Diego, CA on October 27-30. Be sure to say, "Hello!" 

Marilyn J. Perkins Claassen Memorial Scholarship

Know someone who will benefit greatly from this opportunity? Let them know! Are you interested in earning the CEP designation? There's no time to hesitate!

With the August 17 deadline approaching quickly, now's the time to submit an application! Every year, the CEPI awards scholarships to two members of the stock plan community who wish to pursue the CEP designation through the Santa Clara University CEP Institute. If you are interested in submitting a scholarship application this year, now's the time to consider gathering the necessary documents in preparation for the August 17th submission.  

For more details, please visit our website.  All applications must be submitted online.

Congratulations to the Newest CEPs

The June exam results have been released and we are excited to announce the names of the 67 newest CEPs. Congratulations to the following who are now members of the CEP community: 

Samantha Adams, CEP Steven Dawson, CEP Fiona Lehane, CEP Derek Robichaud, CEP
Annemarie Alden, CEP Charles L. Deaton, CEP Cecelia Mullen, CEP Geoff Saxe, CEP
Steven Anderson, CEP Joanna Deredita, CEP Kathy Lewis, CEP Francesca L. Scafidi, CEP
Desiree Ang, CEP Katherine Donohue, CEP Tiffany Liao, CEP Denise Scoville-Glackin, CEP
Eva Ashworth, CEP Christina Escalante-Dutra, CEP John Mc Gillicuddy, CEP Tara Sheehan, CEP
Thomas Bahn, CEP Rhonda Fassbender, CEP Rob Miceli, CEP Kyle M. Shumway, CEP
Joshua Betournay, CEP Dan Garr, CEP Kyle Navera, CEP Andrea F. Sigerseth, CEP
Louisa Boetius, CEP Clifton H. Gilliam, CEP Shay O’Donovan, CEP Nicole D. Sloane, CEP
Sharon Davis Boggs, CEP Sukoji Grigsby, CEP Samir Oudeif, CEP Laura Stroud, CEP
Susan M. Boyd, CEP Laura Hammond, CEP Tyler Owens, CEP Xing Tang, CEP
Nathan L. Breinholt, CEP Denise Harrington, CEP Kendyl Pele, CEP Christina Crowley Thompson, CEP
Elizabeth Cady, CEP Katie Hohnecker, CEP Karen Elaine Phillips, CEP Michelle L. Tomasetti, CEP
Randall Costanza, CEP Leigh G. Holbrook, CEP Gregory L. Piedel, CEP Stephen Tsoi-A-Sue, CEP
Dominique Coughlan, CEP Melissa Howell, CEP Rory Piontkowski, CEP Robert L. Villaseñor, CEP
Linda Crowley, CEP Jenna Knowles, CEP Yelena Popova, CEP Denise Wheeler, CEP
Hugh Curran, CEP Jill L. Koch, CEP Andrea Richards, CEP Roman Yufit, CEP
Jane Davidson, CEP Mylene Lefebvre, CEP Kevin B. Roberts, CEP  

Proudly Show Your CEP Designation

After all your great efforts to earn the designation, do you have CEP after your name on your business card? On your email signature? In your bio? If not, add it! Don't be afraid to show-off your well-earned designation! Include it proudly everywhere you have your name is displayed.

Congratulations to Our Recent Raffles Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to the following people: 

  • Kari Endries from Chevron for winning $100 Amazon gift card at the Corporate Secretaries Conference in Chicago.
  • Jared Brandman from Coca-Cola for winning a free exam registration at the Corporate Secretaries Conference
  • Lisa Moran from Artisan Partners for winning a free exam registration at the Corporate Secretaries Conference
  • Amit Shrestha from Citizens Bank for winning a free exam registration at the Connecticut/Boston NASPP All Day Event.
  • Teresa Huffman from Culp Inc. for winning a free exam registration at the Equilar Summit in Hollywood.

CEP Exam Information

Registration is now open for the November 7, 2015 exam. Be sure to register before the September 25 deadline! Remember, if you have successfully passed the June 6, 2015 Level 1 or Level 2 exam, you are eligible to receive a $200 Successful Student Discount towards the upcoming November 7, 2015 exam. 

The June and November 2016 exams, however, are currently open for deferrals only.  Please refer to the following schedule for important dates:

Exam Date
Registration Deadline
Deferral Deadline
November 7, 2015
September 25, 2015
October 23, 2015
June 11, 2016
April 29, 2016
May 27, 2016
November 5, 2016
September 23, 2016
October 21, 2016

If you are preparing for a 2015 exam, please reference the 2015 study materials list on our website to ensure that you are using correct study materials.
If you are deferring to a 2016 exam date, please be sure to purchase the 2016 exam prep materials when they become available in early 2016. Remember that textbooks are updated annually, and the 2016 materials will be ready in March, 2016.

Find Us on Facebook

Did you know that the CEP Institute has a Facebook page?  Stay current with us and like us on

Continuing Education

The CEPI offers continuing education credit for participation in a variety of activities such as attending CEPI sponsored events, like the Symposium, participating in CEPI volunteer activities, attending local chapter meetings, viewing online webinars and webcasts, attending industry conferences and many, many more. Stay current and maintain your designation by participating in events throughout the year.

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