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August 2014


What's Happening in the World of Equity Compensation?

The CEPI wanted to make sure you knew about all the exciting events this month in the world of equity compensation. There are many great opportunities to learn more in this constantly changing industry and to earn Continuing Education hours. To view a pdf of this page, click here.

Learn From Your Peers

The 22nd Annual NASPP Conference includes a phenomenal line-up of CEPs from leading-edge companies—large and small—speaking on the hottest issues in stock compensation today. These senior-level in-house practitioners—from companies known for innovation and great business practices—will share key insights on stock programs they've implemented, pitfalls to avoid, and how the programs have impacted their workplace and business success. Here are just a few of the CEPs from household-name companies that will be presenting at the Conference:

  • Yvonne Brazil, CEP, Manager of Stock Administration at Twitter, on lessons learned in stock plan administration.
  • Donna Spinola, CEP, Director of Stock Plans and Assistant Secretary at McKesson, on keeping up in 2014.
  • Vanessa Renna, CEP, Senior Manager of Global Stock Plans at Amgen, on manual manipulation madness.
  • Sue Berry, CEP, Senior Manager of Global Stock Programs at Infoblox, on internal controls.
  • Sorrell Johnson, CEP, Equity Programs Manager at NetApp on working with payroll.
  • Angela Hammond, CEP, Manager of Equity Compensation at Ingersoll-Rand, on share counting.
  • Wendy Jennings, CEP, VP of Employee Shareholder Services at Riverbed Technology, on keeping up in 2014.
  • Heather Royce, CEP, Director of Compensation at the Priceline Group, on manual manipulation madness.

The NASPP Conference will be held from September 29 – October 2 in Las Vegas. Fulfill over half of your two-year continuing education requirement with just this one event! Register today!

Congratulations to the Newest CEPs

Romeo Academia, CEP
Grace Delorito, CEP
Sean Hiera, CEP
Ryan Melendy, CEP
Kevin Anderson, CEP
Alison Delorme, CEP
Nancy Holmes, CEP
Katie Mleczko, CEP
Greg Baker, CEP
Melissa DeVol, CEP
Robin Houston, CEP
Matthew Neil, CEP
Connie Bao ,CEP
Brian Dooley, CEP
Cheryl Hughes, CEP
Scott Nydick, CEP
Kim Barner, CEP
Zachary Egli, CEP
Michael Jacobson, CEP
Callie Plant, CEP
Tracey Berthcsi, CEP
Bradley Fillnow, CEP
Alyson Jantze, CEP
Joshua Randall, CEP
Lisa Bertholet, CEP
Pam Fisher, CEP
Steven Kalos, CEP
Dan Robbins, CEP
Neil Birrell, CEP
Jillian Forusz, CEP
Malak Kazan, CEP
Joseph Sholler, CEP
Jacqueline Bolis, CEP
Cynthia Gaffney, CEP
Brian King, CEP
Nicholas Smith, CEP
Lenora Bright, CEP
Kelly Geerts, CEP
Sara Kolmakova, CEP
Michael Stevens, CEP
Michael Browning, CEP
Lisa Gerard, CEP
Gregory Lee, CEP
Megan Stout, CEP
Carman Callahan, CEP
Michelle Giampaoli, CEP
Jessica Leedy, CEP
Kristin Taylor, CEP
Aisling Coakley, CEP
Cillian Gibbons, CEP
Qin Liu, CEP
Jim Timmins, CEP
Melinda Cramer, CEP
Dan Gremling, CEP
Linda Mansker, CEP
Jonathan Torres, CEP
Danielle Cribbin, CEP
Tricia Hammons, CEP
Arlene Martin, CEP
Justin Williamson, CEP
Clodagh Deasy, CEP
Joanna Hampton, CEP
Michael McEvoy, CEP
Sven Witters, CEP

Website Redesign - Time for a New Look

The CEPI welcomes you to participate in a quick survey to aid us in improving our website.  All participants that complete the survey by August 1st will be eligible to have their names entered into a raffle for a $50 Amazon gift card. We welcome any feedback you may have and your participation in the survey is very much appreciated.  Thank you for your time!  Take the survey here.

Marilyn J. Perkins Claassen Memorial Scholarship

The CEPI is moving to an online application process for the submission of scholarship applications.The online application will be up and running just in time for the August 15th submission deadline. If you are considering submitting a scholarship application this year, you may begin gathering the necessary documents in preparation for submission by mid August.

CEP Exam Information

Registration is now open for the November 8, 2014 exam.  Be sure to register before the deadline of September 26. Register today and order your materials so that you may begin preparing now. Remember, if you successfully passed the June 7, 2014 Level 1 or Level 2 exam, you are eligible to receive a $200 Successful Student Discount towards the upcoming November 8, 2014 exam.

2014 and 2015 CEP Exam Dates

Exam Date
Status Registration Deadline
November 8, 2014
Open for exam registration
September 26, 2014
June 6, 2015
Open for deferrals only
April 24, 2015
November 7, 2015
Open for deferrals only
September 25, 2015

Don't Forget to Include the CEP

If you have earned the CEP designation, don't be afraid to show it! Do you have CEP after your name on your business card? If not, add it! Don't forget to add the CEP designation in your email signature as well. Don't hide that title that you worked so hard to earn!Include it proudly everywhere you have your name is displayed such as on name badges at conferences, in your bio, and on your resume.

Continuing Education

Stay current by participating in some of these activities which have been pre-approved for CE for CEPs.

Continuing education is an integral part of certification programs. Every CEP designee is required to complete 30 hours of continuing education every two years after receiving their designation. If you received your CEP designation in 2012, your first continuing ed application is due by 12/31/2014. Don't wait until the last minute. If you are unsure of your next due date, please check the MyCEP System or contact the Institute.

Online Events:

Other Area Events:

Planning ahead? Mark your calendar with these important dates:

Ongoing Events

The following organizations have recorded webcasts or online webinars that may be viewed for continuing education.  Please visit their websites for current offerings and cost.  Some activities may be for members only.  

  • NASPP -
    • Examples of webinars that qualify as continuing education: Stock Plan Fundamentals, Annual Conference - Session Presentations, Alan Dye on the Latest Section 16 Developments.
  • NCEO -  Please note that ESOP focused activities will not count toward CE for CEPs .
    • Example of webinars that qualify as continuing education:  Navigating the 409A Deferred Compensation Plan Rules.
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