Santa Clara University


Susan Garvin, CEP, Independent Consultant

Susan is currently an independent equity compensation consultant.  Previously, she was the Educational Director for the NASPP. Prior to joining the NASPP, Susan was a Senior Product Manager at E*TRADE FINANCIAL. Before her employment with E*TRADE, Susan worked as an independent equity compensation consultant for 3 years; was with the Stock Plan Consulting Group (formerly Perkins Shareholder Services) of Salomon Smith Barney, first as Senior client Consultant, then Manager of Stock Administration and ultimately as Vice President, Education and Training. Previous positions include time at Octel Communications and ShareData, Inc.

Susan is a frequent speaker on equity compensation related topics, including events sponsored by the NASPP, the Certified Equity Professional Institute, the National Center for Employee Ownership, and created/delivered the “Stock Admin 101” seminar while with Salomon Smith Barney.

Susan has been in the equity compensation field since 1993, with a wide range of experience, from IPO’s to Mergers and Acquisitions to daily stock administration and training of new administrators. She is currently a member of NASPP, GEO and NCEO, received her CEP designation in 1994 and volunteers with the CEPI in many capacities. Susan has a BA from San Jose State University.

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