Santa Clara University

2007 Marilyn J. Perkins Claassen Scholarship Winner

Achaessa James de Garibay, CEP, Cortifino

The first Marilyn J. Perkins Claassen Scholarship was awarded in 2007 to Achaessa James de Garibay. Achaessa works for Corefino, Inc. and is currently working in Mexico City.  She achieved her goal and received the CEP designation in 2008. The following is an excerpt from Achaessa's application:

"A CEP designation, to me, is a "red badge of courage". It's a personal investment that means I have dedicated myself to understanding the legal, accounting and regulatory issues involved in equity compensation, the benefits of doing it right and the consequences of doing it wrong..... (I am) not just satisfied by being able to enter numbers into a software package or (heaven forbid!) a spreadsheet."

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