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FAI Drought Series - Ecopia Farms: Growing More with Less

5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Part of FAI's Drought Series - Save Don't Squander: A Series on the Impact of the California Drought.

California is in the midst of the worst recorded drought in state history, and the impact of the water shortage is only growing each day. Water is one of the most basic necessities and a precious commodity. This spring the Food and Agribusiness Institute will be hosting a series of panels, discussions, and reflections with multiple speakers who will address the implications of a “severe drought” for various communities. The speakers will provide students with multiple, intertwined perspectives of how our community is impacted by a drought of this scale and will also address potential solutions, including water efficient crops and other water saving measures.

Ecopia Farms: Growing More with Less
April 29 at 5:00 p.m. Lucas Hall, Forbes 126

Ecopia Farms is a local farm researching ultra-low water use methods for agricultural production. The USDA reports that the average head of lettuce requires more than 75 gallons of water to reach harvest.  Ecopia Farms uses less than 12 ounces of water per head. This reduces the use of precious water by over 97% compared to conventional farm practices. Ecopia will discuss their research and explain how ultra-low water methods could be one of the answers to decreasing water availability in California and worldwide.


Lucas Hall, Forbes Family Conference Center

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