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Leavey Research Seminar Series: Sanjiv Das : Leavey School of Business : April 8, 2014

noon to 1:30 PM

Join us for an exciting LRS seminar with our very own experienced colleague and friend Sanjiv Das. Lunch will be provided.

Title: Network Models in Finance. 

In this talk, Sanjiv will:
(i) talk about a general tutorial introduction to network models.
(ii) present a use case on systemic risk in the financial system to get people warmed up, using a paper he has published in IEEE Data Engineering.
(iii) present some results from a working paper on Venture Capital Communities. 


Related papers (for a possible pre-reading): 

"Extracting, Linking and Integrating Data from Public Sources: A Financial Case Study,"

"What Types of Syndicate Partners do Venture Capitalists Prefer? Evidence from VC Communities"


Brief Bio:

Sanjiv Das is Professor of Finance at Santa Clara University's Leavey School of Business, and previously held faculty appointments at Harvard Business School and UC Berkeley. He holds post-graduate degrees in Finance (Ph.D. from New York University) and Computer Science (M.S. from UC Berkeley), did undergraduate work in Accounting and Economics, and is also a qualified Cost and Works Accountant. In addition, he worked as Vice President for Citibank Asia. He is a senior editor of The Journal of Investment Management and co-editor of The Journal of Derivatives.

Prior to being an academic, he worked in the derivatives business in the Asia-Pacific region. His current research interests include: the modeling of default risk, algorithms for harvesting financial information from the web, derivative pricing models, and portfolio theory. He has published more than 60 articles in academic journals.


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