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 Mary Furlong

Dean's Executive Professor
Furlong-bio-dropshadowMary Furlong, Ph.D., is an Executive Professor of Entrepreneurship at Santa Clara University and co-teaches the undergraduate Entrepreneurship Certificate program.  She is an expert in the fields of aging and  technology. She has founded three companies ( in l986, in l996 and MFA in 2002). She has raised over $l00 million in venture capital and sponsorships aimed at this marketplace. She was one of  the top 50 in Time Digital and has also been featured in Fortune Small Business and with Jimmy Carter and Lena Horne as a leaders in service to the older adult community. She is the Associate Director of the Center for Innovation and  Entrepreneurship.

Mary is the  President of Mary Furlong & Associates. For 20 years, she has guided the  digital marketing strategies of major U.S.  corporations for their 45+ age markets.
Mary served  as an advisor to the President and Congress during the Clinton Administration  as part of the NCLIS. She also served  as a member of the New Zealand Investment advisory board. She currently holds advisory board seats on the following companies: Confoti and Pulse Data. She  is a member of the Business Forum of the American Society on Aging.
Mary has  appeared on CBS, the Today Show, PBS and NPR to discuss issues related to  trends in aging and technology. Time Magazine recognized her contribution as  chairman of ThirdAge Media by honoring her in 1999 as one of its  "Digital 50." In March 2001, Fortune Small Business  Magazine named Mary as one of the "Top 25 Women Entrepreneurs."  Interactive Age included her among its "Twenty-Five Unsung Heroes on the  Web." She also received the "New Choices Award" from Reader's  Digest along with fellow recipients former President Jimmy Carter and Lena Horne.

September 2013



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