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Meeting the Educational Requirements for the CPA License at Santa Clara University


Graduates seeking to become a licensed CPA in California must meet education requirements in 4 broad categories:
  1. 225 total quarter units.
  2. 45 quarter units in accounting.
  3. 57 quarter units in business. 
  4. 15 quarter units in ethics.

More specific information can be downloaded through the links to the right.

The accounting department is monitoring the licensing requirements closely, and working with our Accounting Department Advisory Board to ensure that Santa Clara University accounting and accounting and information systems graduates will remain strong employment candidates. We expect that students who elect the accounting major sufficiently early will be able to graduate within 4 years while meeting the licensure requirements. Students who join the accounting or AIS majors later may find it necessary to add some summer classes to ensure that they meet the 225 quarter unit requirement.

We urge current students considering an accounting major to speak with an Accounting faculty member or Accounting Peer Advisor as early as possible. Students who will apply for initial license in another state must investigate the specific requirements of the Board of Accounting in that state.

Prospective students and their parents are invited to contact the Accounting Department Chair, Michael Eames,
or with any questions.

Undergraduate Licensing Information Updated March 2015

CAAP CPA License Information Updated March 2015

MBA CPA License Information Updated March 2015



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