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Business School Alumni Office

1-408-554-4474 Web Site
Business School Dean's Office

1-408-554-4523 Web Site
Business School Dukes Business Service Center

1-408-554-5749 Web Site
Business School Graduates Admissions

1-408-554-4539 Web Site
Business School Graduates Programs

1-408-554-5485 Web Site
Business School Marketing and Communications

1-408-554-2162 Web Site
Business School Undergraduates Business Program

1-408-554-4791 Web Site

Coursework in the six School of Business departments is designed to prepare you to stimulate innovation, collaborate effectively, and assume leadership roles in your organization.

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Department Faculty & Staff Listings

Accounting Accounting (Academic Dept. Listings)

Economics Economics (Academic Dept. Listings)

Finance Finance (Academic Dept. Listings)

Management Management (Academic Dept. Listings)

Marketing Marketing ( Academic Dept. Listings)

Operations Management & Information Systems (OMIS)

OMIS (Academic Dept. Listings)


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