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Welcome to the Bursar's Web site!

The Bursar's Office is responsible for the billing and collection of tuition, fees, campus housing, and other university related charges.  We are here to provide you with the best possible service and information related to the student's account.  Billing dates, payment deadlines, payment options and other important student services can be found by simply clicking the links in the column to your left.  And don't forget to check out our "Hot Topics" for the latest updates and information.

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Helpful Hints:

  • Carefully read all documentation you receive from any SCU office and respond accordingly, if necessary.

  • Keep a separate file for your SCU invoices, payments, Financial Aid info and other campus correspondence you may need    to refer to in the future.

  • Write down the name of the person you speak with regarding specific inquiries. If you need to follow-up, you'll know who to ask for again.

  • Please make sure you are aware of all deadlines and University policies. Failure to be informed may cause unforeseen charges.

  • If you don't know………..ASK. We're here to help.
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