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  1. How much is SCU tuition?
    The current tuition and fee rate is availablet at
  2. How do I pay tuition?
    Payment can be made in person at Enrollment Services Center, online via QuikPay, mail, wire transfer, or a monthly payment plan.
    Pay in Person at the Enrollment Services Center:
    You can pay with cash, checks, cashier checks, and money orders. Please make checks, cashier checks, or money orders payable to Santa Clara University.
    Online Payments:

    Students: Login to ecampus at On the Student Center page, scroll down to the Make a Payment link under the Finances Section.
    Authorized Users: Login at  The HigherOne/Cashnet site will show the same payment page the student will see.
    Mail in Your Payment:
      Checks can be mailed along with the remittance slip from the online statement to:
      SCU Payment Processing
      PO Box 550
      Santa Clara CA 95052-0550
    International Wire Transfer:
    International students can send their wires through Peer Transfer. Peer Transfer enables international students to pay in their home currency. Go to the peerTransfer web site for information.
    Monthly Payment Plan (per term):
    Students: Login to eCampus at On the Student Center page, scroll down to the Make a Payment link under the Finances section. A Message Board will come   up; on the left-hand menu, click on Payment Plan. There is a $40 enrollment fee charged per term for this option.
    Authorized Users: Log in at The enrollment link is on the right side of the page in the Installment Payment Plans box.  There is a $40 enrollment fee charged per term.

    Monthly payment plans are available for the undergraduate and graduate fall, winter, and spring terms, and law fall and spring semesters.  
                For step by step instructions, go to How do I...
    The monthly payment plans can only be paid by auto-deductions; no exceptions.
    We do not offer summer payment plans.
  3. When is tuition due?
    Electronic statements are generated and available on ecampus the first day of each month with a due date of the 21st. This billing cycle ensures miscellaneous charges, such as access card fees, are billed in a timely manner. For monthly payment participants, the monthly statement is more for information but we encourage students and authorized payers to check the statement each month.
    Statements are not mailed.
    Undergraduate August 21 December 21 March 21 May 21
    Graduate September 21 December 21 March 21 May 21
    Law July 21 - December 21 May 21

    Undergraduate August 1 December 1 March 1 N/A
    Graduate August 1 December 1 March 1 N/A
    Law July 1 - December 1 N/A
  4. I have a hold on my student account, what should I do?
    A 'hold' can be positive or negative. To find out what services a hold affects, check your ecampus account. On the right hand side on the Student Center page, under Holds, is the list of holds on the student's account. Click on details, then click on the hold under Hold Item. The Reason and Contact information will tell you who placed the hold and Instructions will tell you what services are affected, if any. To see a list of holds go to Student Holds.
  5. What if I decide to leave Santa Clara University?
    Undergraduate students who intend to leave the University must contact a University Advisor in the Drahmann Center to discuss the implications of the decision and process for withdrawal. Call 408-554-4318 for more information.
    Law students submit a written request to the senior assistant dean for Student Services.
    Graduate students submit written notification to their respective graduate programs office. The withdrawing graduate student is responsible for dropping courses in addition to submitting written notice.
    Please remember to check the University's Tuition Refund Policy. If applicable, the Financial Aid, Housing, and Access Office should also be notified.
    If the withdrawal is due to medical reasons, and you are enrolled in the Dewar's Tuition Insurance protection plan, please visit for information on filing an insurance claim.
    Please check your monthly statements after you withdraw. Charges or credits may have been added to your student account. Unpaid balances could result in fines. Unclaimed credits could be sent to the State of California.
  6. My financial aid is not correct?
    Financial aid inquiries should be directed to Enrollment Services Center. Call 408-551-1000 or email If you have a payment due date approaching, and your aid will be delayed, or you cannot pay the full balance, contact Enrollment Services Center for payment plan options.
    A financial hold can still be placed until the full balance is paid or until sufficient financial aid posts to cover the balance due.
  7. I received a scholarship from an outside source.
    All scholarship checks are sent to the Financial Aid Office.
    Santa Clara University
    Financial Aid
    500 El Camino Real
    Santa Clara CA 95053
  8. What is FERPA?
    The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 protect the confidentiality of student's records. FERPA governs (1) the release of educational records maintained by the University, and (2) access to these records. Without a FERPA release, information regarding a student's record cannot be released to a third party. Parents are a third party.
    To sign a FERPA release, students log onto their ecampus account, scroll to the bottom of the Student Center page and click on FERPA release. Students can enter more than one person on the release. For more FERPA information, go to
    Note: Setting up an Authorized User is not the same as signing a FERPA release form. If the student wants to grant release of their student account information (via phone, mail, email, in person) for a parent or third party, the student must sign the FERPA release.
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