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Bursars Office

Pay My Bill

Pay Electronically

  • Students  This link will take you to the ecampus login page. Online payments are made through your ecampus account.

  • Authorized Users will receive the login link after your student sets you up as an Authorized User.

AUTHORIZED USER – is a third party (parent, spouse, other relative, or employer) designated by the student to view and pay the bill on the student’s behalf.    However, it is still the student’s responsibility to make sure all financial obligations are complete by the published deadlines.  Authorized Users will be notified, via the address designated by the student, each month a new bill becomes available.  The Authorized User will be able to see the same online bill pay information. Click for instructions for setting up an Authorized User.

Payment Plans

Santa Clara University offers current term payment plans to assist with budgeting needs.  You can join a payment plan online as a student or Authorized User.  There is a modest enrollment fee, however, all plans are interest-free.  For more information please go to the the Payment Plan page.

Payments by Mail

Simply print a copy of your electronic bill and send a personal or cashier's check.  Please make the check payable to Santa Clara University and send to:

SCU Payment Processing

P.O. Box 550
Santa Clara CA 95052-0550

***Please be sure to include the student's name and SCU ID number with the payment.

Wire Transfers - International

International students can send their wires through Peer Transfer.  Peer Transfer enables international students to pay in their home currency.
Click or go to to begin the payment process.
International wire transfers can also be made online, via Western Union, through the student's ecampus account or Authorized User's login.

Pay in Person

You can stop by the Enrollment Services Center in the Patricia A. and Stephen C. Schott Admissions and Enrollment Services Building to make a payment with a personal check, cashier's check, money orders, or cash.  In addition, there are payment kiosks located in the Enrollment Services Center for students wishing to make electronic payments.

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