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Credit Counseling

If you have any questions regarding your account, please feel free to contact us.
Phone: (408) 554-4620
            SCU Bursar’s Office
            c/o Credit Counseling
            500 El Camino Real
            Santa Clara, CA 95053

Frequently Asked Questions

Information on Perkins and Institutional Loans:

Our current service provider for Perkins and Institutional Loans is:
Educational Computer Systems, Inc (ECSI)

You can access your loan account online at

You can make your payments online at or you can mail your payment to:
Santa Clara University
c/o ECSI
181 Montour Run Road
Coraopolis, PA 15108

For questions regarding your loan, please contact ECSI directly at (888) 549-3274

If a question pertains to a Credit Counseling hold placed on a student’s account, please contact us by phone at (408) 554-4620, or by email at:

Collection Agencies:

The Credit Counseling Office works with various collection agencies to ensure that payments due are made to Santa Clara University. It is important to note that Credit Counseling works extremely hard to avoid having to send a student's account to collections.  If a student cannot pay off the full amount owed, we recommend contacting the Credit Counseling Office as soon as he/she can to set up a possible payment plan. Maintaining contact with us is key if you are having trouble paying your balance and if you do not want to be sent to collections immediately.

Coast Professional, Inc                 ConServe

Phone: (888) 231-0225                Phone: (800) 724-4439
Fax: (714-678-8765

Williams & Fudge                         Windham Professionals
Phone: (800) 849-9791                Phone: (800) 208-5076
Fax: (803) 329-0797                    Fax: (877) 496-4774

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at: (408) 554-4620.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. What is a Short Term Emergency Loan?
Short Term Emergency Loans are emergency-based loans for qualified students needing short-term financial assistance to pay rent, food, insurance or transportation related costs while awaiting other sources of funds such as financial aid disbursement. The purpose of the loan is to bridge delays in the receipt of other funds.

2. What Terms and Conditions apply to Emergency Loans?  

  • There must be a valid reason resulting from circumstances beyond the student’s control. Proof of expense may be required.
  • The student must provide the source of funds that will repay the loan.
  • The student must have applied for and accepted all eligible financial aid.
  • The student must be enrolled and in good academic standing at Santa Clara University.
  • No other emergency loan may be outstanding.
  • If a student has previously received two Short Term Emergency Loans during the course of the student’s attendance at Santa Clara University, subsequent Emergency Loan requests will require additional management approval.
  • The student may not have a delinquent balance on their student account.
  • Students on academic probation will not be considered for this loan program.
  • Short Term Emergency Loans are not available during the last three weeks of class, including finals, summer or other vacation periods. This is subject to management review.
  • The short term emergency loan applicant is subject to a credit check.
  • Short Term Emergency Loan limit is $1,000.00, or equal to one month’s rent, if greater than $1,000.00. Documentation required.
  • An administrative fee will be charged to all approved loans. This fee will be outlined in the promissory note which must be reviewd and signed prior to loan disbursement.
  • Applicants under the age of 18 must be co-signed by an eligible parent or guardian.
  • Approved Emergency Loans will be processed via Direct Deposit. Applicants must verify that their direct deposit information has been updated via eCampus prior to the processing of this loan request.
  • All emergency loans will be due by the next SCU payment deadline or when the source of repayment has disbursed, whichever occurs first.
  • Santa Clara University records, transcripts, diplomas and grades, as well as any Federal, State or University financial aid will be withheld until payment of the delinquent loan has been paid in full.
  • Students who do not repay their Short Term Emergency Loans by the due date will be assessed the standard Late Payment Fee to their student account. In addition, a hold preventing registration as well as transcript & diploma release will be placed on their student account.
  • Short term loans that are not repaid will be assigned to a collection agency. The borrower will be responsible for all additional costs such as collection agency fees, court costs and attorney fees.

3. How do I apply for an Emergency Loan?
Credit Counseling is located within the Bursar’s Office in the Schott Admission & Enrollment Services building. Forms can be filled out at the One-Stop front desk.

4. I received a notice from the Credit Counseling Office in the mail. How do I remit payment?
The Courtesy Reminder, Second Request, and Final Demand notices are sent out by the Credit Counseling office with blue envelopes enclosed. Payments are to be made to Santa Clara University and include the student’s name and SCU Campus ID #. Envelopes should be addressed to:
                        SCU Bursar’s Office
                        c/o Credit Counseling
                        500 El Camino Real
                        Santa Clara, CA 95053

         If you feel uncomfortable paying by mail, online payments can be made through eCampus at:
         Keep in mind that generally, Final Demand notices request that payments be made in guaranteed funds (Cashier’s check, Cash, or Credit Card).

5. How do I make an online payment?
Log into eCampus at On the left hand side, click on “Bursar Office”, then “View Bill & Make Payment” and the page for QuickPay will show up. Students can enter their payment information and make their payment with an e-check.

6. Why do I have a Credit Counseling hold on my account?
The Credit Counseling Office places the following holds on student accounts:

  Description Hold On: Reason:
DEL Delinquent Account Registration, Transcript and Diploma Releases The DEL hold is placed on a student's account if the student has a balance that is over 90 days past due. If a student sees a DEL hold on his or her account, he or she should pay the balance or contact the Credit Counseling Office immediately in order to prevent any further penalties
PERKX Perkins Exit Hold Registration, Transcript and Diploma Releases A Perkins Exit hold is placed when a student has left the school but failed to complete their exit interview. Students can complete their exit interviews online at To get the hold removed right away, contact the Credit Counseling Office to let them know that your exit is complete.
WRTOF Write Off Registration, Transcript and Diploma Releases When a student's account has a small remaining balance on it, it is written off (this brings the account to $0.00) and a hold is placed onto the student's account until it is paid. To ge the hold removed, you will need to pay the balance and then contact the Credit Counseling Office.
PYPLN Specialized Payment Plan Registration, Transcript and Diploma Releases This hold is placed on a student's account if the student has requested a specialized payment plan with the Credit Counseling Office. The hold will be removed once the payment plan has been paid in full.
COL Collections All University Services

If the past due balance on an account remains unpaid one month after a studetn has received a Final Demand, students may be referred to a collection agency. (Payments should be sent directly to the collection agency). The COL hold will be removed once a student has paid thier collection balance in full.

PCL Prior Collection Registration, Release of Transcripts and Diplomas Varies Once a student has paid off their collection amount, a PCL is placed on the account, indicating that the student must pay their collection costs and pre-pay enrollment for three consecutive terms before registration for each term. All payments must be made with guaranteed funds.

7. Why is there still a hold on my account after I've paid my balance?  
Depending on how payment is submitted, the Credit Counseling Office may need to wait up to three weeks to remove a financial hold. We do this to ensure that payments made to a student's account have time to clear with the bank. If a student needs a hold removed immediately, he or she will need to pay with guaranteed funds (cash or cashiers check). Students who pay with an e-check will need to wait 7 days before their hold will be removed. Student who have paid with a paper check will need to wait 21 days before their hold is removed.

8. I can't afford to pay my entire balance at once. What are my options?
If this is the case, students have a couple of options, including: taking our a private loan to pay off their balance, or setting up a specialized payment plan with the Credit Counseling Office.
It is University policy to prohibit anticipated aid to pay for past due balances. However, a student can get a private loan to pay off the amount owed. Contact us to let us know that you are trying to acquire an alternative loan so as to avoid being penalized for late payment.
Students also have the option of setting up a specialized payment plan with the Credit Counseling Office. Payment plans are limited to six months and have a $100 per month minimum requirement. To set up a payment plan for a past due balance, please contact the Credit Counseling Office at (408) 554-4620 or email



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