Santa Clara University

Benson Memorial Center


Aug 3, 2013
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Loyola Hall
Cost : $140

Wisdom Therapy


Course # - CPSY x905
Loyola Hall Room 160
Credit Hours: 6

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Course Objectives:

  • Participants will gain an overview of wisdom in western and eastern traditions.
  • Participants will learn the theory and empirical outcomes of Wisdom Therapy.
  • Participants will learn to integrate and apply to their clinical practice the components of Wisdom Therapy such as CBT, Mindfulness, Humility, Gratitude, and Courage.
  • Participants will learn to apply Wisdom Therapy to their own lives.
  • Participants will have fun!

Course Description:

Wisdom Therapy has been empirically established as an effective way to address the cognitive, behavioral, physiological, and social components related to anger, anxiety, and depression observed in clinical and workplace settings and simultaneously increase mindfulness, humility, and life-satisfaction. Wisdom can be obtained and applied sooner rather than later.  Wisdom Therapy aims to achieve that through the integration of empirically supported best practices from Western Psychological Science, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Emotional Intelligence and empirically validated practices from Eastern Traditions, such as Mindfulness Meditation, Gratitude, Humility, and Empathy/Compassion practices.  This day-long course will enable health care professionals to add and apply these practical and effective techniques to their clinical practice aimed at reducing anger, anxiety and depression and increasing health, well-being, and life-satisfaction of their clients, and of themselves.  Multimedia, videos, and humor will be included to make for an entertaining day of learning and fun.


Shani Robins, PhD has been a licensed psychologist for over a decade and an instructor at Stanford University, Palo Alto University, and most recently Santa Clara University.  He has published numerous research and clinical conference papers, chapters, and journal articles on these topics.  He is President of the Wisdom Therapy Institute ( the occasional marathon, and enjoyrs the games of GO and Raquetball.
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