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Benson Memorial Center

Varsi Cafe

May 15, 2013
11:45 a.m. - 12:50 p.m.
Varsi Hall
Room 114
Cost : Free

ePortfolios: More Than a New Technology


i CAFE3 (Exploration/Experimentation/Excellence)

Please join us for lunch and conversation next week.

ePortfolios: More Than a New Technology

Wednesday, May 15th, Varsi Hall 114

Many SCU faculty use (e)Portfolios to support engaged, reflective and integrative learning. Join a conversation with Lotta Kratz (Communication), and Rob Michalski and Noel Radley (English) about the benefits of ePortfolios for teachers and learners. They?ll share how they?ve used ePortfolios in Writing and Communication and Technology courses--their goals, experiences, and some challenges--and we?ll see samples of student work. How can ePortfolios fit into your course, your programs, or your own professional development and presentation of your teaching and scholarship? Come explore these questions over lunch with your colleagues.

Can?t join us for lunch but you?d like to learn a little more? 

  • From Tomorrow's Professor, a blog on Engaging Today?s Learners: Students and ePortfolios, summarizing tips about how to frame ePortfolio projects so students really engage. 
  • Hear from faculty and students ?in their own words? about the benefits of using ePortfolios in this short article in Peer Review, a publication of the Association of American Colleges and Universities.

Check it out! (Grab a cup of coffee and browse.)

  • ePortfolios for Engineering students?
    In this narrated video, look how an engineering student at Penn State turned a class assignment into an e-Portfolio and used to seek an internship. (Scroll down to the second video). Or see how students from Stony Brook created an ePortfolio to describe their group effort in Robotics.
  • ePortfolios in English?
    Take a look at this ePortfolio from an English major at Virginia Tech. Its English program has all its majors complete ePortfolios of their work, including a digital narrative. You?ll see the multi-media capabilities of ePortfolios shine here (best viewed in Firefox).
  • Business students are using them too.
    Here?s one from a Business student at Stonybrook. Students can capture course work from many different areas and pull this learning together to show a full picture of their educational experience.
  • An example of how student can use them, from a class at BU that created ePortfolios exploring the First Amendment.
  • You can use ePortfolios to introduce your course.


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