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Bronco Corner

Student FAQs

Below are the answers to many questions frequently asked by SCU students.  Click on the following links to be directed to questions about these topics.


Purchasing Books with Financial Aid

How do I purchase textbooks using financial aid?

To purchase textbooks using your financial aid, you must transfer funds from your Bursar Account to your Flex Account on your ACCESS Card.  You then use your Flex Account to purchase your textbooks.  For more information on transferring funds from your Bursar Account to your Flex Account, please visit the ACCESS Card Office located in Benson Memorial Center, Room 106.

If I don't have money in my Flex Account yet, can I still order my books?

Yes, you may order your books online before you have transferred funds into your Flex Account, however you won't be able to pick up your books until you have transferred funds and your Flex Account is charged.

Online Ordering

How do I order my textbooks online?

Click here to order your textbooks online or click on the link in eCampus when you finish registering for classes.  

When should I order my textbooks?

You are encouraged to order your textbooks right after registering for classes to have the best opportunity to get rental and used books.   Ordering your textbooks early also allows for your books to be ready for pick-up before the quarter begins. 

If I purchase my books online right after I register for classes (a long time before the quarter starts), when will my credit card or Flex Account be charged?

Your credit card or Flex Account will be charged 2-3 weeks before classes begin. 

When can I pick up the books I ordered online?

Pick up availability varies depending on many factors including what quarter it is, when you placed your order, and the volume of online orders.  You will receive an email when your order is available for pick up.  In general, if you place your order early (soon after registering for classes, weeks before classes begin), your textbooks should be ready for pick up the weekend before the quarter begins.  If you place your order late (days before classes begin or after classes begin), please allow 48-72 hours for your order to be processed. 

Where do I pick up the books I ordered online?

Online orders can be picked up at the Customer Service counter on the lower level of Bronco Corner, adjacent to the Textbook Department.

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When can I sell books back to Bronco Corner?

You can sell books back to Bronco Corner at any time, but the best time to sell books back is in the last few weeks of the quarter.

How much money can I expect to get back when selling my books back to Bronco Corner?

Several factors are used to determine the cash value of used textbooks, including:

  • Condition - Any book being sold back must be in good shape, with binding, covers, and every page intact.  Excessive highlighting, underlining, or other markings may decrease a book's buyback value.
  • Course Materials Orders - If an instructor has requested your textbooks for next term, then the value increases.  Books falling into this category may be worth more and get you a higher percentage of the original purchase price.  Generally speaking, the textbooks will be purchased for up to 50% of their selling price until the store reaches its quantity limit.
  • Overstocks and Current Editions Not Being Used on Campus - If we have reached our limit on a particular title for next term, or if your book has not been requested for next term and is a current edition, we may still purchase it based on various criteria, including national demand and needs of other bookstores.
Click here for a list of the top textbooks Bronco Corner is purchasing back from students in December 2012. 

Where can I sell my books back?

Books can be bought back at the Customer Service counter on the lower level of Bronco Corner, adjacent to the Textbook Department.

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Textbook Rentals

What is textbook rental?

Textbook rental is simple!  Now at SCU's Bronco Corner you can rent the textbooks you need for the quarter, then return them at the end of the term.

How much do I save with textbook rental?

Over 50%!  That's right, renting textbooks saves you more than 50% over the cost of purchasing a new, printed textbook.

How do I pay for my textbook rental?

Most forms of payment currently accepted at Bronco Corner can also be used for rentals including cash, credit card, and Flex Account.  We do require a credit card be kept on file, even if you pay with a different method.

Why do you need a credit card if I am paying for the rental another way?

If the textbook rental is returned after the due date, or is damaged, we use the credit card on file to pay for a replacement book and processing fee, as described in your Rental Agreement.  We want you to bring the book back so we don't have to charge you!

How long is the rental period?

The rental period begins the day you pay for the textbook rental and continues until the day after the last day of finals, as shown on your Order Confirmation. All rented textbooks must be returned to Bronco Corner, in good condition, by the Rental Return Due Date. Textbook rentals returned via mail must be postmarked by the Rental Return Due Date.  

Can I return my books by mail?

Yes! Just use the prepaid return shipping label available online.  You can print it as often as you like, but you can only use it once.  So if you're returning multiple books, please put them in one box and use one shipping label.  You can also just drop off your books at Bronco Corner.  

How do I know which books are available for rental?

Simple!  We post the list of Textbook Rentals on Bronco Corner's website and in Bronco Corner.  Plus if you're shopping in the Bookstore, look for signs in the book aisle.  Online it's really easy - if we're renting a textbook, the "Rental" option will display in your book list alongside "New" and/or "Used" (if available).  Just check the box and follow the instructions.

What happens if I drop a class?

The drop/add policy for rented books is the same as for purchased books.  Return the book to Bronco Corner within the allowed period along with drop/add documentation.  If you return the book via mail, it must be postmarked within the allowed drop/add return period, and must include a copy of the drop/add documentation along with your book.  

Can I buy my rented textbook?

You may decide to convert your rental to a purchase through the second week of classes with no additional charge.  To do this, you must contact Bronco Corner.  We will credit you the rental charge and charge you for the book.  If you return the book by the Return Due Date, you can decide to purchase the book at that time at the used book price.  

Can I mark up the inside of the book with a highlighter or make notes in the margins?

Normal highlighting and writing is permitted.  Bronco Corner will use the same standards for determining acceptable condition of rental textbooks that it uses for determining condition of books sold back as used books during Buyback.  

Can Bronco Corner refuse to accept my textbook when I return it?

Yes, Bronco Corner can refuse to accept your rental book if it is not returned in good condition.  Good condition will be judged by Bronco Corner alone, and generally means book spine intact, no excessive damage to the cover or contents, all original pages intact, all original components present, and no excessive highlighting, writing, or other markings.  Normal-use highlighting and writing is permitted.  If Bronco Corner determines your book to be not acceptable for return, then you will be charged for a replacement copy and a processing fee.  

What happens if I do not return the book by the due date or lose the book?

You will be charged for a replacement textbook along with a processing fee for any rented book not returned to Bronco Corner, regardless of the reason.  The replacement cost and processing fee will be charged to the credit card on file.  These fees are in addition to the rental fee. 

How much are the fees?

  • Replacement cost is 75% of the selling price of your book at the time of purchase.
  • Processing Fee is 7.5% of the selling price at the time of purchase.
  • These fees are in addition to the rental fee.

What if I forget when the rental is due?

As a courtesy, we will send a reminder notice to the email address you provided during your rental checkout and on your rental agreement.  However, it is your responsibility to return the book by the due date even if you do not receive this email.  Please remember that rental books are due back - or must be postmarked by - the day after the last day of finals.

What if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact Bronco Corner at any time with questions at 408-554-4356.

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What is an eTextbook?

An eTextbook is a digital, downloadable version of a physical textbook.

What devices can I read an eTextbook on?

eTextbooks are meant to be read on your MAC or PC via our e-Reader application.  You cannot use a NOOK or mobile device to read textbooks as the screens are too small to properly view the contents.  

Can I read my eTextbook on more than one computer?

Yes, you can read your eTextbook on up to two (2) computers.

Do I need to be connected to the internet to read my eTextbook?

No.  Once you've downloaded your eTextbook it is accessible to you anytime.  However, you will need to be online to take advantage of the organizational features or when syncing your books.  

Can I access my eTextbook from the web?

Some eTextbooks are accessible via the web; however, most are accessible offline only and in y our e-Reader application.  

Will my eTextbook look exactly like the physical version?

Yes, the publishers have worked hard to preserve all the content from the physical version to be used in the digital version.  That means you'll see the same graphs, charts, tables, drawings, etc. as you normally would in the physical version.  

Why are there copy and print restrictions on eTextbooks?

Restrictions have been set by the publishers to prevent unauthorized reproduction of their textbooks.  These restrictions limit the number of pages you can copy and print from a book.  We list most restrictions on the website prior to purchase.  

What do the copy and print restrictions for eTextbooks actually mean?

Printing is tracked in whole pages, regardless of whether you select a paragraph or the whole page of text.  You may not send more than 10 pages at a time to the printer.  Copying is tracked in "copy instances."  A copy instance is worth 1,000 characters (including spaces).  You receive a fixed allotment for print and copy when you first download your book.  After you start using your allotment, you accrue pages back.  

Why can't I find the textbook I want in digital format?

We currently offer thousands of textbook titles in digital format and more than 500,000 general eBooks.  However, we realize there are still many titles not yet available and we are working closely with the publishers to continuously increase our collection of eTextbooks.  

How do I purchase an eTextbook?

  1. Find the title that you want to purchase, verify that we offer it in digital format, and then select the "Buy" or "Rent" option for the title.
  2. Download and install your e-Reader application on your computer.
  3. Ope, your e-Reader application and click the "Redeem" button to enter the access code from your receipt. 
  4. Once the title has been loaded into your library, click the book to download it to your computer. 
  5. Once it finishes downloading, you're ready to read your book!

If my title comes with supplemental materials, will I get them with my purchase of the eTextbook version?

Due to the digital delivery format, eTextbooks do not include CD content or other companion materials that may be available with the new physical book.  

How many times can I download my eTextbook?

You are allowed two (2) downloads of your textbook per the Digital Rights Management rules set by the publishers. 

If I rent my eTextbook, do I need to return anything at the end of the rental period?

No, because your textbook is digital, there is nothing to return.  If you choose not to buy the book or re-rent it at the end of your rental period, your license will simply expire and you will not have access to your textbook.  You will still be able to access your notes.  We do offer you a grace period after the expiration of your rental period to buy or re-rent the book.  

Can I return an eTextbook that I purchased or rented?

If your eTextbook has not been downloaded or you have not used your access code, you may refund your eTextbook within the first week of class.

Can I purchase eTextbooks if I reside outside of the U.S.?

Due to contractual obligations with publishers, eTextbooks can currently only be purchased by customers residing in the U.S. and Canada.

I'm having some issues with my book (it won't open or it doesn't look right) - what do I do?

If you have purchased an eTextbook with the NOOKstudy e-Reader, please call 1-800-THE-BOOK.  If you have purchased an eTextbook with another e-reader (xplana or VitalSource), please call 888-886-0801.  Of course, you may always contact your Campus Bookstore Manager.  

I'm having some issues when trying to create a NOOKstudy account.  I'm getting a "1017 Error" or "Cannot retrieve security questions" message - what do I do?

If you're getting a 1017 error when trying to sign in to NOOKstudy or receiving a "Cannot retrieve security questions" when trying to create your NOOKstudy account, you may have a firewall installed that is blocking NOOKstudy.  Use the instructions below to add an exception to Windows Firewalll to allow NOOKstudy to communicate with the network.  

To create an exception for NOOKstudy in Widows 7, click here for instructions.  

To create an exception for NOOKstudy in Windows Vista, click here for instructions.

To create an exception for NOOKstudy in Windows XP Service Pack 2:

  1. On the Windows taskbar, click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  2. Double-click Security Center
  3. Click Windows Firewall
  4. On the Exceptions tab, click Add Program
  5. Click Browse
  6. Navigate to C:\ProgramFiles\Barnes & Noble\NOOKstudy
  7. Select NOOKstudy.exe and then click OK
  8. Click OK, and then confirm that the service you added is checked. 
  9. Click OK
To create an exception for NOOKstudy in Widows XP Service Pack 1 or earlier:
  1. Right-click My Network Places, and click Properties
  2. Right-click Local Area Connection, and then click properties
  3. On the Advanced tab, click Settings
  4. On the Exception tab, click Add Program
  5. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Barnes & Noble\NOOKstudy
  6. Select NOOKstudy.exe and click OK
  7. On the Exceptions tab, make sure that the application or service that you selected appears checked under Programs and Services

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E-Readers and Devices

What is an e-reader application?

E-reader applications allow you to view and interact with eTextbook content.  To use an e-reader, you must download and install it in order to access the eTextbooks you purchased.  

Are the e-readers available from the Bookstore compatible with the iPad?

In support of the research we conducted and with sensitivity to the economic realities most students face, we chose to make our e-readers work on PC and MAC computers, devices students most commonly use for studying.  We will continue to innovate, expanding our capabilities and usages to meet students' diverse needs and wants.

Can I use my NOOK or iPhone to read eTextbooks?

No, you cannot use your NOOK or mobile devices to read your eTextbooks.  Textbooks are complex and usually graphic-intensive - they do not display well on small screens.

If I switch computers, what happens to all of the notes and annotations that I make in my book?

All of your notes and annotations on titles you've purchased are safely backed up to the "cloud."  That way, if you have an e-reader application installed on a second computer and you switch to it, you will still see all of your notes and annotations. 

What is Digital Rights Management?

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a set of rules that have been set by the publishers to prevent unauthorized reproduction of their textbooks.  Copy and print rules are set by the publishers.  You can find each book's copy and print restrictions on the Campus Bookstore website prior to purchase. 

Why do I need an Adobe account when using the NOOKstudy e-reader application?

Adobe brings the latest rendering technologies.  As a result, you need an Adobe account to use our application.  If you do not already have an Adobe account, we'll create one for you when you first sign in to the application.  

What if I already have an Adobe account on my machine when installing NOOKstudy?

You may use your existing Adobe account.  When you first install the application, you will have the option to enter your existing information.  

I already have a Barnes & Noble College Bookstore account - why do I need a account when installing NOOKstudy?

You need a account for some e-Reader applications (NOOKstudy) because that is the account where your NOOKstudy digital titles will be stored and where you can download the titles you've purchased.  

I was given an access code after my purchase.  How do I redeem it?

  1. Download and install your e-reader application on your computer.
  2. Open your e-reader application and click the "Redeem" button to enter the access code from your receipt.
  3. Once the title has been loaded into your library, click the book to download it to your computer.  Once it finishes downloading, you're ready to read your book!

Can I re-use my access code?

No, access codes are good for one-time use only.  Once an access code has been redeemed, it cannot be used again.

I'm having problems with my access code.  

If your access code is not working or is loading an incorrect title and you are using the NOOKstudy e-reader, please call the Customer Service team at 1-800-THE-BOOK and they will be happy to assist you.  If you hare having trouble with an access code for another e-reader, please call Customer Service at 888-886-0801.

What do I do if I lost my access code?

If you purchased your eTextbook from the Campus Bookstore (in store or online), please return to the Bookstore so we may retrieve your transaction information and re-issue you an access code.  

How much time do I have to redeem my access code?

You can redeem your access code at any time.  Your access code does not expire.  Access codes are good for one time use only.  Once it has been redeemed, it cannot be used again.

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