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Textbook Request Information
Coursepack/Course Reader Information
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Textbook Request Deadlines

The following are the deadlines for textbook requests for the academic year:

Fall 2015 requests due May 29, 2019

Winter 2016 requests due October 16, 2015

Spring 2016 requests due February 5, 2016

Summer 2016 requests due March 25, 2016

Fall 2016 requests due May 6th, 2016


You may submit your textbook requests via online order, fax (408-554-7872), phone (408-554-4356) or by stopping by the store to meet with Clint Stroud.

Submitting your textbook requests as soon as possible is crucial for our students.  Here's why:

  • Used books are in high demand across the country and your bookstore competes aggressively every day to source every copy that comes available.  Students save 25% on our used selections! 
  • Buyback can occur only when that book has been ordered by faculty for the following quarter!  Students can receive up to 50% back on their books, but may receive very little if your order is placed too late.
  • Rentals provide amazing opportunities for students to save over 50%!  The more demand for a book (and sooner it is ordered by faculty) the more likely it is to be available for rent.  All of our rentals are over half off the new price! 
  • eBooks are matched to your order automatically if available.  This is a great option for many students who prefer the convenience of electronic books and can save students a great dal of money. 
  • Our web site is available for students to view & order books as soon as your order is processed.  This is also a great way to verify your order!
  • Submitting your textbook requests by posted deadlines allows us to comply with the Federal HEOA mandate that the list of all required course materials and their cost be available to students at the time of course registration. 
For more information about textbook requests and how early adoptions help students save money, review our Faculty & Staff FAQs.

Online Textbook Adoption Tutorial

Click here for detailed instructions on submitting online textbook requests.

Coursepacks/Course Readers

Coursepacks should be ordered through the Campus Bookstore to enable Santa Clara University to comply with federal HEOA regulations requiring the posting of information on all course materials.

Xanedu is the campus preferred vendor for the development of coursepacks as they provide digital key packs and their readers can be utilized with our NookStudy digital books. Returned unopened or unsold readers are also fully refundable. To begin the development of a coursepack with Xanedu, please contact our Xanedu Campus Representative Juan Navarro at (415) 744-4292 or Xanedu will then contact our Campus Bookstore to make sure the appropriate information is posted and the coursepacks are brought into the store at the beginning of the quarter.

Faculty may choose to work with University Readers to develop their coursepacks. If developing a coursepack with University Readers, a faculty member is to notify Clint Stroud in the Campus Bookstore at (408) 554-4041 or so that he can post the information about this required course material on the SCU textbook information website to maintain SCU's HEOA compliance. The faculty member may opt to have the coursepack sold directly by the vendor to the student, however, the Campus Bookstore may also offer the coursepack for sale at the same price so that students purchasing their textbooks with financial aid or other funds on their Bursar Account are able to purchase these coursepacks immediately at the start of a quarter. Students utilizing Bursar Account funds to purchase coursepacks offered directly from an outside vendor would otherwise have to wait until Bursar refunds are issued the third week of classes.

Per University policy, faculty may not create coursepacks to sell themselves or through their department.

Copyright clearance typically takes 2-4 weeks but in some cases takes less time. Faculty may create a login with Xanedu that allows them to track the progress of their reader for clearance. 

Bronco Corner Policies

Please click here to read policies regarding Bronco Corner.