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Urban Dreams/Sueños Urbanos


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Rural Bolivia on the High Plains

Island of the Sun, Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Quinoa in the Tiwanaku Valley

Preparing the Soil

Harvesting Potatoes

Sheep grazing near Lake Titicaca

Lamas along the Inca trail, El Cumbre

To La Paz from the Campo

Arriving at the City
The Cities of La Paz and El Alto

Urban crops

Family at the edge of the City

Minibusses in El Alto

The La Paz valley
Hub caps

Hard Labor

Street Haircut

Fuel run
Migrant Residents of El Alto

Military Police stand guard

Urbanization of the Altiplano

Making Adobes in El Alto

A Backyard View
Preparing a Meal

Sunday Afternoon Reciprocity
Rituals and Beliefs in the City

Coca Reading

Altiplano Ch'alla


Evangelical Revival in El Alto
Wedding at Beth Shalom

Funeral in El Alto

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