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Rising to the Challenge

Friday, Jun. 7, 2013

It’s kind of hard to believe that June is already here; 2013 only began yesterday, it seems. This month is a pretty big one here at SCU because it signals the end of two significant undertakings: First, the conclusion of four years of a life-changing experience for our graduating seniors, and second, the wrap-up of the Leavey Challenge.

The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation has been a major supporter of Santa Clara over the years, and the Leavey name can be linked to more than one campus entity. The Foundation’s latest initiative once again solidifies its belief in the quality of a Santa Clara education, except it comes with a twist: The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation will give $1 million to the University if 9000 undergraduate alumni  (23%) make a gift to Santa Clara during the current fiscal year, which ends June 30. This would require our alumni to go above and beyond last year’s record participation number of 8,145 donors, increasing the number by 10% to rise to the occasion.

If there’s one thing to be said about Broncos, it’s that they don’t back down from a challenge; as of June 2, we have already exceeded last year’s numbers with a total of 8,201 gifts being made by undergraduate alumni! That means we only have 799 to go in order to meet the goal and receive the Leavey Foundation grant. Our alumni have overwhelmingly answered the call to support current students and for that, we are grateful. However, we are not there yet: If you are not among the ranks of the 8,201 who have already given, we hope you will help us make it 9,000 by June 30. Every gift of every amount counts!

Thanks for your continued love for and support of this University, and we look forward to sharing some great news with you at the end of the month.

Go Broncos!

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