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Celebrating the Bronco Legacy

Thursday, Jun. 9, 2011
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Three Generations of Kirrenes at Graduation Picnic 2009 (Photo by Adam Hayes)

There is a noticeable spark in the air this week as Santa Clara University’s class of 2011 prepares to leave the campus they have called home for the past four years and enter into what those of us in the know call “the real world”.  The Alumni Association is proud to welcome the newest members of the alumni family and congratulates all graduates on a job well done.

There will, no doubt, be a few Bronco parents among the well-wishers in the stands this weekend gazing proudly at their sons and daughters while reminiscing about their own graduation from SCU.  This intergenerational relationship with SCU is an excellent expression of the institution’s impact on its alumni: Their love for Santa Clara is so deep that they wanted their children to experience it for themselves.  And so, on graduation day, these moms, dads, and grads celebrate the impact of Santa Clara’s legacy on their lives.

These families will have another opportunity to rejoice in October during the Grand Reunion Weekend, a celebration of the enduring bonds that exist between classmates and the university.  These links were created by a common experience that is also dynamic and unique to each class, and the graduating class is the newest testament to the value and importance of a Santa Clara education.  We hope to see these families back on campus in the fall, blessing us with their presence and honoring the university with their commitment to its legacy of competence, conscience, and compassion.

Go Broncos!

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