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  •  Grand Reunion Recap

    Friday, Oct. 25, 2013

    As we continue to bask in the afterglow as well as the accolades that continue to pour in after what was truly a fantastic weekend, those of us in the Alumni Office can’t help but feel proud of what we have managed to pull off, not just this year, but also the preceding four. You see, what we just celebrated a couple of weekends ago was the fifth incarnation of Grand Reunion and the final year of our first five-year cycle! That means ALL of our alumni have had the opportunity to celebrate Santa Clara together as a family during the second weekend in October, and next year, we will welcome back the reunion classes with whom we kicked off this endeavor.

    For the reasons outlined above, and more that we will share below, this year’s Grand Reunion was pretty special. Here are a few highlights:

    •    Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice kicking off the weekend with a riveting, sold out speech in Mayer Theatre.
    •    “Elvis” rocking out that same Mayer Theatre and getting the ladies all shook up during the “Tribute to the King” performance on Friday night, sponsored by SCU Presents.
    •    Alumni furrowing their brows in concentration as they tried to decide between three fabulous giveaway choices (though the fleece blanket soon emerged as a crowd favorite).
    •    Spirited karaoke renditions of “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” and “Bye Bye Bye” being performed by brave attendees during the “Broncos Meeting Broncos” singles mixer.
    •    The women of the class of 1968 (The first group of women to attend SCU for all four years) oohing and aahing during their special tour of the newly remodeled Graham dorm, which looks quite different from the all-women’s dorm they lived in 45+ years ago.
    •    Members of the class of 1963 proudly wearing the gold medals awarded to them as the newest inductees into the Gianera Society, which is for those Broncos who graduated 50 or more years ago.
    •    The 10 class parties going on simultaneously all over campus Saturday night, with alumni boogieing to tunes ranging from Motown hits in the Mission Gardens to contemporary jams in the Locatelli Student Center.

    Of course, this is just a snapshot of everything that went on, and we’re sure that the true highlights of the weekend are moments that we weren’t even privy to that reside in the hearts and minds of our attendees. As always, those of us in the Alumni Office feel privileged to have been able to provide the vehicle for countless alumni to remember their Santa Clara experience, reconnect with each other and the University, and renew their love of and commitment to their Bronco family. Along with our Santa Clara Fund counterparts, we are proud of how the reunion committees banded together to motivate their classmates to attend the festivities and give back to the school, and grateful to the more than 4000 alumni, family members, and friends who answered the call and showed up for the 50+ events offered during the weekend. We could not do this without you all, and we look forward to doing it again next year.

    Go Broncos!

  •  Grand Reunion Update: Schedule Changes and Additions

    Friday, Sep. 13, 2013

    It is often said that the only constant in life is change. Well, Grand Reunion is certainly not immune to this. Since our schedule was finalized and published back in July, we have had a few things happen that have warranted some updates to our schedule as well as other aspects of the reunion weekend. We would like to make you aware of the following information:


    The DoubleTree and Fairmont Hotels are sold out. Rooms are available on both Friday and Saturday nights at the San Jose Hilton.


    The Grand Reunion golf tournament will be held at Santa Teresa Golf Club in San Jose. The shotgun start is set for 8:30 a.m.


    Friday, October 11
    “Why is God for Christians Good for Nothing?” has been cancelled. This event has been re-scheduled by the Ignatian Center for Monday, October 7. See their website for more information.

    Meir Statman is unable to present “What Investors Really Want: Lessons from Behavioral Finance” but we have another speaker from the Business School, John Ifcher, who will present “The Economics of Happiness” in the same time slot.

    Saturday, October 12
    NEW EVENT: "Red and White Scrimmage" - Catch a sneak peek of the men's basketball team as they play an inter-squad scrimmage in the Leavey Center. Attendees will also enjoy a meet and greet with the players and coaches as well as an opportunity for autographs! No need to RSVP; we'll see you in Leavey on Saturday morning from 9 - 10:30 am.

    Gerald McKevitt’s talk preceding the Gianera Society Luncheon titled “The History of Photography and SCU” has been cancelled, but we are pleased to welcome Dennis Gordon who will speak about U.S. and U.K. political and cultural relations since WW II. He will also share information about our plans for an alumni trip to England next summer for which he will be one of the faculty hosts.

    Thank you for your patience as well as your understanding as we all adapt to these changes.

    Go Broncos!

  •  Grand Reunion Spotlight: Broncos Meeting Broncos

    Wednesday, Sep. 11, 2013

    If there’s one thing we know here in the Alumni Office, it’s that the Santa Clara legacy is strong; you need look no further than the numerous families whose Bronco affiliations stretch back for generations. And what we find especially noteworthy is the fact that many of these family legacies were started when two lucky Broncos caught each other’s eye during Orientation, or in English class, or in the lunch line at Benson. Yes, we’re talking about Broncos meeting Broncos.

    According to a November 2012 article published in The Santa Clara, about 14% of Santa Clara alumni are married to another Bronco, which is 5% above the national average of couples who met in college. How fortunate that these couples were able to find both the education as well as the love of a lifetime on this beautiful campus!

    Now, if you aren’t among that lucky 14%, do not despair; the train hasn’t completely left the station. It is still possible for you to meet your Bronco love, and we have just the opportunity for you during Grand Reunion Weekend: Our Broncos Meeting Broncos singles mixer. On Friday, October 11 from 8 to 10 pm, all single Broncos are invited to campus for a fun night of food, drinks, and…KARAOKE! Bring your friends and break the ice by belting out your favorite tune. Karaoke not your thing? We’ll also have trivia, so you can impress a potential date with your knowledge of 1990’s television show theme songs. Karaoke was a popular request from last year’s attendees (Who had a blast!), so we are excited to see how much fun everyone has this year.

    Rumor has it that last year’s mixer resulted in the genesis of at least one new Bronco couple, so the precedent has been set; come on out during Grand Reunion Weekend to mix, mingle, and hopefully, find your match! We hope to see you on campus next month.

    Go Broncos!

  •  RSVP for Grand Reunion Today!

    Thursday, Jul. 25, 2013

    The schedule has been set, invitations have been mailed, and RSVPs are now being accepted for Grand Reunion! We are proud to offer our Santa Clara alumni a weekend of events that will help you remember your time here on campus, reconnect with classmates and friends, and renew your relationship with the University. This is a celebration you won’t want to miss.

    In an effort to not only convey how excited we are to welcome everyone back, but also to give you an inside look into what will be happening during the reunion weekend, this blog will feature a spotlight on a particular item on the schedule each week leading up to Grand Reunion, starting in September. So, please make sure to check back often and get the inside scoop on some of our most anticipated events.

    Go Broncos!

  •  Goodbye for Now

    Tuesday, Jun. 25, 2013

    Looking at our name, it should come as no surprise that the SCU Alumni Association’s primary constituency is comprised of, well, SCU alumni; we exist in order to build and maintain strong relationships between the University and its proud graduates. However, we also recognize that engaged students become engaged alumni; and so, through such programs as Life After SCU and our annual Bronco Idol competition, we outreach to students in order to create an enduring bond that we hope will last after they cross the stage in June and disperse throughout the world to pursue their passions and goals.

    As this year’s graduation approached, you could almost feel a nervous tension in the air, partly because of those pesky finals standing between seniors and that stage, but mostly because of the competing emotions many were experiencing: Joy and sadness, anticipation and trepidation, satisfaction and regret. But as seniors streamed into Donohoe Alumni House to pick up their tickets for Graduation Picnic, the scales seemed to overwhelmingly tip in the more positive direction; these soon-to-be-graduates proudly accepted our enthusiastic congratulations and expressed excitement and hope for their futures beyond this beautiful campus.

    While we wish all of the 2013 graduates well and hope to see them back on campus soon, there are a few who are especially near and dear to our hearts: Our (now former) Alumni Office student workers Brett Davey ’13, Cailin Doherty ’13, Jackie Fuhrman ’13, Kevin Galindo ’13, Anne Nino ’13, Jenna Saso ’13, Victor Republicano III ’13, and Edward Ternan ’13. Our student workers, as a corps, are quite indispensable to us and help us do what we do, and this recently graduated group truly helped us do it well, with style and class. Over the years, we’ve watched them develop into impressive and accomplished young men and women, and while we are sad to see them leave, we can take solace in the fact that they are, no doubt, on their way to bigger and better things. At this time, we would like to give a special shout out to Victor, who was given the honor of not only introducing commencement speaker Leon Panetta ’60, J.D. ’63, but also hooding him after the former CIA Director and U.S. Defense Secretary received an honorary degree from the University. Visit the Mercury News website to view video excerpts of Panetta’s speech and see a photo of him being hooded.

    The campus is noticeably quieter now, but the echoes of graduation still linger. As the summer picks up steam and rolls into fall, we look forward to creating new memories with the class of 2013 when they all return in October for their 0-Year Reunion and celebrate with the other 12 reunion classes. So, to our recent graduates, we say: Congratulations, good luck, and goodbye…for now.

    Go Broncos!

  •  Save the Date for Grand Reunion Weekend 2013!

    Friday, Nov. 30, 2012

    Are you one of the 10,100 lucky Broncos whose class year ends in a 3 or an 8? If so, the dates for your reunion weekend have been set: the Alumni Association will welcome the classes of 1953, 1958, 1963, 1968, 1973, 1978, 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008, and the soon-to-be-alumni class of 2013 back to our beautiful campus during the weekend of October 10-13, 2013! To help you remember this very important information, we recently sent you a lovely save the date magnet. If, for some reason, you do not receive your magnet, do not hesitate to contact the Alumni Office at 408-554-6800 or, and we’ll mail you one right away.

    Each class will have a dedicated web page that will serve as a one-stop shop for all things reunion related. These pages are currently under construction, though they will go live in mid-December. If you’re anxious for information about Grand Reunion or are interested in getting involved in a significant way, feel free to visit the Grand Reunion main page for details about hotel information, class slide shows, and how to join your class reunion committee.

    We feel privileged to offer you four days of chances to remember your time here on campus, reconnect with classmates and friends, and renew your relationship with the University. This will be an unforgettable weekend, and we can’t wait to welcome you home.

    Go Broncos!

  •  Thank You for a Wonderful Weekend

    Wednesday, Oct. 17, 2012

    The mission of the Santa Clara Alumni Association is twofold: To serve and engage the Santa Clara Family by fostering lifelong relationships between alumni and each other, the Alumni Association, and the University; and to preserve Santa Clara’s history and traditions. The first part of the mission is pretty easy to see, especially during Grand Reunion: All of the events on the schedule were designed to help Broncos remember their experience here on campus, reconnect with each other and the school on a meaningful level, and renew their commitment to the Santa Clara community. As for the second part, a very important mechanism by which history is communicated and traditions are upheld is through storytelling.  Therefore, allow us to share a few from Grand Reunion Weekend:

    The story of an alumna who almost didn’t come to campus, but made the decision to attend her class party and ended up mending fences with her estranged roommate.

    The story of two married alumni who were delighted to receive “I Met My Spouse at SCU” buttons at the Sunday Brunch, and proudly wore their buttons as they left the Adobe Lodge hand in hand with full stomachs and hearts.

    The story of an alumnus whose hesitation about attending his reunion was replaced with gratitude after he found new friends among his old classmates.

    The story of a widow of one of the members of the class of 1962 who attended the Gianera Lunch in honor of her husband and was touched by her induction into the Gianera Society, which solidified her place in the Bronco family.

    The story of two groups of alumni from the classes of 1977 and 2012 who faced off in an air guitar battle in the Mission Gardens towards the end of the 35th Reunion party.

    These are just a few of the tales told to University staff; we are sure they represent just a fraction of the memories that were made this past weekend. It remains our pleasure to be able to offer our alumni the opportunity to come back and have a wonderful time with classmates and friends, both old and new.

    We would also like to acknowledge the many hands that contributed to the successful execution of the Grand Reunion effort: Members of the Santa Clara Fund team who, from the very beginning, have been tireless partners in coordinating reunion committees and organizing efforts to inform the classes about their milestone celebrations; Santa Clara staff from University Relations as well as various other departments around campus who organized events, volunteered their time throughout the weekend, and did their part to ensure that everything ran smoothly; Student workers who drove golf carts, worked check-in, staffed events, and provided many hours of much needed assistance; and the folks behind the scenes in Facilities and Campus Safety, whose hard work before, during, and after the weekend made much of this possible.

    We thank each and every one of our alumni, as well as their family members and friends, for celebrating all things Santa Clara with us during Grand Reunion Weekend! We appreciate your time, your enthusiasm, and your pride in your alma mater. Please help us in our efforts to continually improve Grand Reunion by filling out the attendee survey. Feedback from those of you who were unable to attend is welcomed as well. All survey respondents will be entered into a drawing for a $75 Visa gift card, so we hope you will take a few minutes and share your thoughts with us.

    Thanks again for a wonderful weekend.

    Go Broncos!

  •  Grand Reunion Weekend Is Here!

    Friday, Oct. 12, 2012

    Grand Reunion Weekend is here! The weather outside may be somber, but the sun is starting to peek out from behind the clouds, brightly colored flags are waving all over, vibrant banners are out warmly welcoming everyone who enters the campus, and Donohoe Alumni house is buzzing with excited conversation. Practically overnight, impressively large tents have sprouted here and there, waiting expectantly to be filled with the presence, laughter, and shared memories of the reunion classes who will be celebrating in them tomorrow night. Students rubbing the last bit of sleep from their eyes pass by the structures, wondering just how many people are expected to be on campus this weekend; with over 3500 alumni and guests anticipated, this is going to be some party!

    As you begin to make their way to campus, we would like to take this opportunity to share some last minute reminders and details: To start off your weekend on the right foot, please make Donohoe Alumni House ( which is across from Kenna and kitty-corner to Benson) your first stop to check-in and receive your name tag; do your classmates a favor and help prevent awkward fumbling as they try to place your face with your (forgotten) name. If you have only recently made the decision to join us on campus but haven't yet registered, we will be happy to sign you up on site inside Donohoe.

    Next, we appreciate you taking the time to come back and celebrate your alma mater, but we recognize that life goes on and you may need to remain connected to the world beyond this beautiful campus. Therefore, we are pleased to offer all Grand Reunion attendees a complimentary Wifi connection via the Wireless Network SCUGrandReunion. No password is needed, which makes it easier for you to log on and take care of business.

    Also, for those of you staying at the DoubleTree and Fairmont hotels, we hope you will take advantage of the available shuttles. Scheduled to run every 30 minutes, they are a convenient and worry-free way to get to the action here on campus.

    Lastly, for those of you on Twitter, we encourage you to share your thoughts, memories, and experiences on campus this weekend. Tweet us at @scualumni and don't forget to use the hashtag #GrandReunion. We look forward to reading your tweets!

    Thanks in advance for what is going to be an awesome weekend; we can't wait to see you!

    Go Broncos!

  •  Grand Reunion Weekend Spotlight: Enrollment Management Session

    Friday, Sep. 7, 2012

    When Santa Clara alumni learn of the stiff competition that students face in their quest for acceptance into this fine institution, not to mention the academic caliber of the students admitted into their alma mater in recent years, the common refrain is “There’s no way I would get in today!” Of course, they say it jokingly, but the fact that this sentiment is shared by alumni representing a wide range of decades speaks to the ever-changing nature of the college admission process. It seems as though each year brings with it some new test, essay question, or other evaluative measure for students to contend with. And for those of you who are parents supporting your children through the process, you may feel unprepared to help them navigate the college application gauntlet.

    We are happy to offer a session during Grand Reunion that can help make things easier for you: Mike Sexton, Vice President for Enrollment Management, will conduct a presentation designed to leave you well-informed and feeling confident about your family’s ability to come out of it (relatively) unscathed. The session will begin with a tour of the new Admission and Enrollment Management building, a one-stop-shop for students housing Undergraduate Admission, Financial Aid and the Registrar’s Office that was completed just a couple of months ago. With its beautiful lobby that is sure to inspire your pride in Santa Clara’s history and its tradition of Jesuit education in Silicon Valley, this building warmly welcomes visitors to the university and sets the tone for the rest of their time on campus. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain valuable insight into the college admissions process; we hope to see you there!

    On another note, the early bird deadline for the class reunion dinners is Tuesday, September 11 at 11:59 PM; please RSVP before then to take advantage of reduced pricing for this special event. Once it hits midnight, you’re out of luck, so don’t delay!

    Go Broncos!

  •  Grand Reunion Weekend Spotlight: Lunch with Fr. William Rewak

    Friday, Aug. 31, 2012

    Though Father William Rewak is the University’s newest Chancellor, he navigates the campus as a seasoned veteran. While current students are just beginning to make his acquaintance, many alumni returning to SCU this fall will warmly embrace him as a familiar figure, having attended the university during his years of leadership from 1976 to 1988 and having sat in his English classes during the early 1970’s. As president, Fr. Rewak helped lay the groundwork for many positive changes for the University, from the diverting of the Alameda around campus to the establishment of the Eastside Project to the renaming of Santa Clara University (from University of Santa Clara). Please check out this University Press Release for a more detailed accounting of Fr. Rewak’s many accomplishments.

    Praised as a visionary and lauded for his exceptional speaking skills, Fr. Rewak is a wonderful addition to this year’s Grand Reunion schedule. His talk, titled “The University as Prophetic”, will focus on the role of universities as presumed experts on moral issues that emerge in such subjects as economics, medicine, globalization, and technology. Universities are expected to be at the forefront of the discovery and the creation of knowledge and opportunities -  Santa Clara is no exception - and we are all implicated in this endeavor: students, faculty, administrators, and alumni. Please join Fr. Rewak for what promises to be a riveting talk, accompanied by a wonderful lunch. We hope to see you there!