Santa Clara University

Drahmann Advising Center


Tutoring Center - Benson 1

Catch Up, Get Ahead, Stay Ahead

The DTC provides tutoring for lower-division, entry-level courses in Mathematics, Natural
Sciences, and Modern Languages. Tutors are available for high demand courses on a drop-in
basis, and small group tutoring is available for other courses.


Winter Drop-In

Drop-In Tutoring


Stop by the Drahmann Tutoring Center, Benson 1

In compliance with the ADA/504 please direct your accommodation requests to Drahmann Tutoring Center at 408-554-5539 or

Additional Tutoring Options:

The DTC seeks first and foremost to serve the courses listed above. Specific tutoring in other areas such as Business and Engineering are also available through student organizations and honor societies (Download Current Schedule or visit the DTC website for times and locations).


Tutor Recruitment:

The Drahmann Tutoring Center (DTC) recruits tutors exclusively through recommendations of faculty members.  This process primarily occurs during the spring, when new tutors are hired for the upcoming academic year.  The DTC will contact instructors as tutors are needed throughout the year and during the spring recruitment period.  In order to be considered for tutoring positions, students must have completed the course they wish to tutor at SCU, and be recommended to the DTC by the instructor of the course.  The DTC only hires tutors through this process, and students are not able to apply for tutoring positions without having first been recommended by a faculty member at the request of the DTC.  Unsolicited applications are not accepted.


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