Santa Clara University

About Drahmann Tutoring

Learning Resources Center, Benson Room 1 (Benson Basement)

6 PM - 9 PM, Sunday
12 PM - 9 PM, Monday - Thursday
Weeks 2-10 Each Term

Drahmann Tutoring works in collaboration with the academic departments in which tutoring is available. We utilize faculty to assist with preparing our tutors, and all of our tutors are selected after first being recommended by our faculty. Our goal is to ensure that our tutors are the most qualified and capable of helping you with your specific course materials.

We offer tutoring through a variety of different options.

  1. For Calculus and Chemistry courses, tutoring is available each night on a drop-in basis as well as at various times during the week through individual appointments accessed using Drahmann Online
  2. For numerous other courses in the College of Arts & Sciences, tutoring is available throughout the week through individual appointments accessed using Drahmann Online.
  3. For select other courses through other programs at SCU including Accounting, OMIS, and Engineering, tutoring is available throughout the week in the various departments.

Tutor Recruitment:

During the academic year, Drahmann Tutoring recruits tutors exclusively through recommendations of faculty members. Drahmann Tutoring will contact instructors as tutors are needed throughout the year. In order to be considered for tutoring positions, students must have completed the course they wish to tutor at SCU, and be recommended to Drahmann Tutoring by the instructor of the course. We will coordinate a tutor recruitment period each spring for students interested in tutoring during the upcoming academic year.