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The Drahmann Center offers students resources on effective learning strategies and tips on how to improve academic problem areas.  Each section of this page allows you to view resources and links to specific areas that you can take advantage of in order to maximize you academic potential.


Basic Study Skills             Time Management                   Note-Taking    

Reading Techniques        Test-Taking Tips                      Writing Skills               

Math Study Skills             Science Study Skills                 Foreign Language Study Skills

Sources & Useful Links


Assessment: What type of learner are you?

The following survey allows you to find out what type of learner you are and provides some tips on how to improve your study habits and methods. Learning Style Survey.


Characteristics of an Auditory Learner                Study Tips for the Auditory Learner


Characteristics of a Visual Learner                     Study Tips for the Visual Learner


Characteristics of a Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner    Tips for the Tactile/Kinesthetic Learner


Basic Study Skills

Start Off Right

Basic Techniques

Making a To-Do List

Set & Achieve Goals

Smart Goals

Ten Tips for Motivation

Study Efficiently

Active Learning Techniques



Concept Mapping

Controlling Your Study Environment

Improving Your Memory

Listening Skills

Overwhelmed by the Amount of Material in Your Class?

Unable to Find Main Ideas?

Tense & Nervous?

Learning from Lectures

Using Study Groups

Effective Memory Strategies

Speech Anxiety

Top Ten Tips for Academic Success

Ten Traps of Studying


Time Management

Identify Obstacles to Time Management

Self –Management Checklist

Basic Time Management Skills

20 Time Savers



Cornell Method

Additional Hints

Various Note-Taking Methods

Taking Notes


Reading Techniques

SQ4R- Classic Method

Learning from Textbooks

Reading & the Web

How to Read & Analyze Essays

Basic Reading Skills

Reading to Comprehend & Learn

Improving Reading Speed


Test-Taking Tips


Strategies for Multiple Choice Questions

Strategies for True/False Questions

Strategies for Matching Columns

Strategies for an Objective Test

General Strategies for Taking Essay Tests

Common Words Used in an Essay Question

Preparing for Midterms & Exams

Reducing Exam Anxiety

Top 10 Tips for Reducing Test Anxiety

Managing Test Anxiety

Self Testing

Test Tomorrow? Last Minute Tips


Writing Skills

The Process of Essay Writing

Essay Writing



Math Study Skills

Math Study Skills

Success in Math

Study Tips for Math

More Math Study Skills

Conquering Math Anxiety

Reading the Math Textbook

Math Test-Taking Skills


Science Study Skills

Learning from Science Textbooks

Learning from Science Lectures

Learning from Lab Notes

Learning by Problem Solving

Writing Lab Reports

Biology Study Skills

Biology Reading Skills

Physics Study Skills

Chemistry Study Skills


Foreign Language Study Skills

A Few Suggestions

Tips for Effective Studying

More Tips


Sources & Useful Links

Study Guides & Strategies- Many Resources in Many Languages!

Augustine Club- Study Skills

Cal Poly- Study Skills Library

Dawson College- Study Skills Support


George Washington University- Academic Success Center

Math Power

Monmouth College- Study Skills

Texas A&M- Student Counseling Service

Tulane University- Educational Resources & Counseling

University of Victoria- Counseling Services

UC Berkeley- Student Learning Center

University of Guelph- Learning Commons

University of North Carolina- Counseling & Psychological Services

University of South Florida- Counseling Center

University of Western Ontario- Student Development Center

Virginia Tech- Study Skills

York University- Learning Skills Program

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