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Welcome to the Drahmann Advising & Learning Resources Center!

Student Resources
Drahmann Online

The Drahmann Center is proud to introduce an online advising system that will allow students to search availability and schedule advising appointments, find tutors, communicate and share files with their advisors, sign up for workshops and events, and complete and submit forms and surveys.


Drahmann Tutoring Center
Drahmann Tutoring Center

The Drahmann Tutoring Center provides tutoring for lower-division, entry-level courses in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Modern Languages, and several other departments. Individual and drop in tutoring appointments are available through Drahmann Online.


Faculty Rsources
Faculty Resources

Visit our faculty resources for videos and other tools that serve as an introduction to advising topics that faculty advisors should familiarize themselves with. Topics include: 

  • The SCU Core Curriculum
  • eCampus
  • Course Avail