Santa Clara University

Admitted Undergraduate Students

Living On Campus

Living on campus provides first-year students unique opportunities to connect and learn alongside fellow students, staff, and faculty while enjoying the conveniences and accommodations of on-campus living.

Residential Learning Communities

Approximately 95 percent of SCU first-year students live on campus, but even those who choose to live off campus are members of a Residential Learning Community (RLC). Each RLC is associated with a residence hall, and each organizes its community around one or two broad themes. Students take some of their classes with other students in their RLC, and regular events—sometimes connected to those classes—bring students together. When people share interests, knowledge, and experiences, everything that happens in an RLC is more enjoyable and more enriching.

Each RLC is coordinated by a leadership team that includes a member of Santa Clara's faculty (the "faculty director") and a full-time student-life professional (the "resident director"). Nearly all of the faculty directors and all of the resident directors live in the residence halls. The leadership team also includes live-in resident ministers, some Jesuits-in-residence, and a student staff that includes an assistant resident director and a team of community facilitators. Long before school starts in the fall the leadership team is hard at work, creating a year-long schedule of exciting programs for their RLC.

Supplemental Pre-enrollment Information Form (SPIF)

Your responses on the Supplemental Pre-enrollment Information Form, or SPIF, help us determine the Core Curriculum course or courses best matched to your interests. You also have the opportunity on the SPIF to tell us if you're interested in one of the special, small communities we've created within some of the RLCs, or in taking a bilingual Critical Thinking and Writing sequence.

Further information

Various departments come together to make the on-campus living experience possible. These include the Housing Office, Office of Residence Life, the Residential Learning Community (RLC) program, and Dining Services.

The Housing Business Services staff within the Housing Office coordinates all aspects of room and roommate assignments, contracts and billing. The Building Operations staff within the Housing Office manages the maintenance, operations, renovation, and construction of all university-managed residential facilities. 

The Office of Residence Life  manages the programmatic aspects of the on-campus living experience, including hiring and training community facilitators and coordinating the many events and leadership opportunities offered in the residence halls.

The RLC Program collaborates with various faculty members across campus, coordinates the linked courses offered in each RLC, and facilitates other co-curricular initiatives.

Dining Services provides various meal plan options for students. Additional information on meal plan options and campus dining venues can be found through this link.

Steps to prepare you to join our community

  • Complete your Housing Application, including submitting your $250 deposit and choosing your meal plan.
  • Complete your RLC Preference Form, whether you will live on campus or off campus.
  • Complete your Supplemental Pre-enrollment Information Form (SPIF).
  • Register for orientation where you will meet your faculty director, resident director and other first-year students who will be in your RLC.
  • Join us for Welcome Weeks where you'll begin to get settled and learn about the various involvement and leadership opportunities that exist on campus and in your community.
  • Students living on campus should plan to move in on the Saturday prior to fall classes beginning. Specific information will be available via eCampus in mid-August.
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